Figuring out the right way to approach a life insurance prospect can be a difficult task. Here are five questions to ask when selling life insurance that will help you build rapport and close more deals.

“You know, a man’s life is the most precious thing in the world, isn’t it? So isn’t it odd that a man will insure everything but his life?” These were the wise words of Ben Feldman, also known as the greatest life insurance salesman of all time. The man has an inarguable point — we’re all aware of the benefits of life insurance, yet 48% of Americans still don’t own life insurance.

As a life insurance agent, it’s up to you to approach your customers the right way and help them understand why they need life insurance. As such, you need to come up with good questions to ask when selling life insurance. Death, disability, and income loss are topics that are hard to breach during a simple chat over the phone. Nevertheless, you need to uncover more about your client’s needs to come up with the right solution for them. 

questions to ask when selling life insurance

Top ‍5 questions to ask when selling life insurance

Having a list of questions on hand is especially important when you’re selling over the phone. Even without any body language to go on, you need to make a genuine connection and give a solid sales pitch. So here are several questions to ask when selling life insurance that will encourage dialogue with your leads.

1. How much do you think life insurance costs?

The main reason people don’t have life insurance is that they believe it’s too expensive. By asking this question, you’re inviting your prospect to share what they understand about life insurance. This is an excellent chance to correct any misconceptions they may have and build their trust in your expertise. For example, if they overestimate how much it costs, you’ll be able to steer the discussion towards the affordable premiums you offer.

Another way to spin this question is, “If life insurance was free, how much would your life insurance policy be?” It’s a fun exercise for your prospect to dream big and say, “I’d get a million-dollar policy,” and a great opportunity for you to follow up with questions like “What would your family do with that amount of money?” which highlights the practical side of why they need a policy. 

2. What do you want to get out of a life insurance policy?

Why is this a good question to ask when selling life insurance? Because your main goal is to find a way to cater to your prospect’s needs. Are they looking for something to cover final expenses, income replacement, or mortgage protection? Do they only want term coverage, or are they looking for permanent life insurance? Allow them to speak at length and demonstrate that you’re actively listening so they recognize that you’re here to work with them and solve problems rather than make a sale.

3. What was on your mind when you first inquired about life insurance?

Now we’re getting into the more immediate counterpart of the previous question. Your prospect must have reached out to you somehow — they filled in a form, subscribed to an email, etc. Asking them what triggered that behavior can help you figure out their current life circumstances and financial needs. This lets you recommend the best policy for what’s happening in their life right now. 

4. If you died tomorrow, what would happen to your family’s finances?

No one likes talking about death, but it’s irresponsible to pretend it isn’t an integral part of why people need life insurance. Asking your prospect to confront this uncomfortable question will encourage them to take an objective look at their situation and realize why exactly they need life insurance. Another way to spin this without directly referencing death is, “How much does your family depend on the income you bring in?”

5. Have you ever thought of life insurance for your spouse or children?

If your prospect is the primary income source of their household, they might already understand the need for their own life insurance. However, they may be unaware of the possible costs that could arise from the deaths of their spouse or children. For example, their spouse may not have brought in income but was responsible for taking care of the children. Who bears that responsibility now?

Close more sales with the right questions and the right leads

Mastering the right questions to ask when selling life insurance is an important step in your journey to becoming a successful life insurance agent. However, without high-quality leads to ask these questions to, you might as well be shooting in the dark. 

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