Discover 5 game-changing moves that will turn your insurance sales pitch from so-so to sooooo good.

Is your insurance sales pitch doing the job? Are you closing deals? Or are you watching prospects fade away like a proverbial hero into the sunset in a classic western movie? Maybe you’re so close to a win every single time and just can’t figure out that last step? 

When you find prospects, you need to capture their interest and gain their trust. No, you won’t win everyone over. But you can always improve your outcomes. Try out these ideas and breathe easy as you find that closing the deal becomes more frequent. 

insurance sales pitch

Making your insurance sales pitch work like it should  

We all have moments as we’re easing our prospects down the sales funnel when opportunities for the next step appear. The real test of your sales skills comes in how you react to those moments. Your insurance sales pitch is about more than the words you use or the perfect timing. It’s about how you approach your prospect and how you present your product.   

1. Match your tone with your product 

Tone is everything in sales. Everything from the pace of your speech to your choice of words can make or break your sales closing. While you can vary your tone in different ways, an easy rule of thumb is to match it with your product. 

In the case of insurance, think of what people want to hear. Insurance is something people buy in anticipation of hardships, whether that’s a fender bender or a home fire. Your prospects need reassurance and concern. They need to know you’re optimistic about how you can help them in these crisis situations.

2. Lead with your USP 

Move your USP (unique sales proposition) to the front of your insurance sales pitch. That’s what will set your product apart from other insurance companies. If you’re struggling with what your USP should be, think about some of the most common concerns you encounter. High policy premiums, limited coverage, and slow or frustrating claims procedures are three frequent concerns for people buying insurance. 

Meet that head-on. Your USP can speak to these issues with a promise of lower premiums, comprehensive coverage, five-star customer service, or whatever else you feel is one of your biggest selling points.

3. Numbers, numbers, numbers

No, this doesn’t mean you can finally show off your charts and stats and pie charts. It does mean you can share what your offers look like in comparison to other companies and market averages. 

Be sure to highlight your strengths, too, whether that’s faster payouts, higher damage caps, or any other competitive advantages you have.

4. Look at your insurance sales pitch from your prospect’s perspective 

What’s in it for me? This is the question every prospect asks, even if they don’t voice it out loud. It’s your job to answer the question. And remember, don’t just list features. Your prospects want to hear about the benefits. The differences may be subtle at times, but they’re important. Here’s an example:

Feature: We have 24/7 customer service response teams.

Benefit: You can speak to a live insurance representative any time day or night so you never have to wait to contact us.

5. Reassure your prospects that you’re there for them

Many salespeople make the mistake of leaving customers hanging after they close their sales. That’s not a great way to encourage long-term business. Be available for follow-up questions and concerns that arise, and be sure your prospect is aware of this option. This could be the simple gesture that helps you close the sale. 

Throw the perfect pitch and knock your sales right out of the ballpark

Implement these simple insurance sales pitch strategies, and you’ll close more sales with confidence and efficiency. A sales pitch delivered in a way that showcases your product’s strengths will draw attention and interest. Close with how your product contributes to the lives of your prospects, and you’ll be nudging them into a purchase. 

Creating the perfect pitch is half the battle. The other half is phone-based lead generation. For leads that will be interested in what you have to offer, check us out at HBW Leads.