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Finding the perfect lead provider can be difficult — George the Insurance Guy has been HAUNTED by different pitches other lead providers have given him over the years. He just hasn’t found value in Internet lead providers, list providers, mail, and even social media ads. It’s hard to find an option that could truly help his agency grow, scale, and simply keep his pipeline full. 

Why HBW LEADS Are Different:


100% Exclusive


Double Verified


Weekly Fulfillment


Training & Peer Mentoring


100% Qualified


Calls On Behalf Of Your Agency


Integrations With Sales Tools


And Much More!

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Kevin Gwozdz - Owner, Kevin Gwozdz Agency

“I have been using HBW Leads for well over 5 YEARS now. The leads are always very reliable and accurate. I get very few leads with wrong information, and if I do, they are always credited to my account right away. The pricing has always been fair and competitive. The customer service has always been very good. Any representative I have dealt with has always been very, very helpful. Thank you HBW Leads, I plan on using you well into the future”.

Brett Beaulieu - Allstate Insurance Agent

“While using HBW’s Live Leads Connect program we received 9 warm transfers our first full day of calling in which 2 were 1 call closes! I had many win-backs, re-quotes, and aged leads just sitting in our CRM that I gave them to call and after 1 day the program already paid for itself.”

Brian Weatherman - Owner, Brian Weatherman Agency

“My account manager Kim and the team have been great, getting good volume and quality leads to my sales crew. Good experience with them over the last 5 months or so”

Jeremy Duncan - Country Financial Agent

I have been purchasing HBW Leads for almost a year now and have always received quality activity from each lead I have contacted. One area that HBW Leads separates itself from other providers is in its consumer retention rate. All of my closed policies from HBW that have reached their policy term have renewed and that alone is a testament to their quality.

Adam Meadowcroft - Owner, Independent Insurance Agent

“My agency has found that 10% of internet leads are interested in speaking with us. Whereas, with HBW Leads we are finding that 75% of the leads we speak with have a genuine interest. My premium has been 25% higher with HBW Leads vs internet leads.”

Maria Pietrosante - Allstate Insurance Agent

“Just a quick note that we have made contact with 3 of 4 leads today and quoted all 3! We are loving the leads!”

Scott Cato - Allstate Insurance Agent

“We have found that leads from HBW are more receptive to hearing our different options because they’re not online shopping around. Leads from HBW are open to a quote a large percentage of the time. My agencies contact ratio is above expectations. The service department is flexible. Our account manager, Kim is easy to talk to!”  

Colin Kossman – Farmers Insurance Agent

“I have currently been with HBW Leads for 3 months and have found great success thus far! We have a high contact rate which has allowed for our quotes to consistently increase. We have more quality conversations with these leads, which has been great for my newer producers.” 

Ethan Anderson – Farmers Insurance Agent

“I’ve been incredibly happy with my use of HBW Leads. The information is accurate to a more than reasonable extent, and it seems to me that the leads are genuinely exclusive. The cost is higher than some other companies, but my quote percentage and close percentage on them are more than worth the investment. My advice is to give them a shot if you are looking for a new lead company because I have been more than satisfied with my return on them since I began.”

Tamara Dicaprio - Consultant, Steven Hirsch: Allstate Insurance

“The transfers were smooth and provided great information. I appreciate all your help getting us rolling and I can tell you that I have worked with many lead companies and have never felt such support and a genuine interest in our success.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m not satisfied with a lead?

If at any time, you’re not satisfied with a lead, a credit can be requested.

What does Double Verified mean?

At HBW, Double Verified means that leads are reviewed once by a lead specialist and again by a manager before they’re sent to you. This ensures that you receive a quality lead every time!

How many other agents receive the same lead?

Zero! HBW leads are 100% exclusive leads. This means that the leads you receive are never shared with anyone other than you.  

Does HBW Leads integrate with any software?

Yes! HBW currently integrates with Blitz Sales Software and QuoteBurst.

Does HBW Leads have bilingual lead specialists?

Yes! HBW Leads does have Spanish speaking lead specialists. If you are an agency that would like to receive Spanish speaking leads, please reach out to us.

Does any additional information come with each lead?

Yes! Each lead will contain all information discussed between the lead specialist and the prospect. Leads are also noted with the preferred date and time that the prospect wishes to be contacted.

How often will I receive new leads?

HBW provides you with leads who have been spoken to in the last 24 hours. They’ll be expecting a call from your agency within 1-2 business days.

Does HBW Leads offer training?

Absolutely! Our team of experts can provide training so you can maximize the effectiveness of calling your exclusive leads!