As an agent, learning how to approach a customer for life insurance can be a game-changer. Discover five strategies to turn a potential client into a policyholder.

Do you want to know how to approach a customer for life insurance? Canadian-American public speaker and self-development author Brian Tracy once said, “Approach each customer with the idea of helping him or her solve a problem or achieve a problem, not of selling a product or service.”

While talking about death, accidents, and income loss is not typical for friendly chit-chat, there are ways to convince consumers about the importance of protecting themselves and their loved ones from such events. If you find techniques to relay information about insurance that sheds light on its benefits, you’ve already won half the battle. Read on for practical tips in initiating conversations about various insurance policies.

how to approach a customer for life insurance

Learn how to approach a customer for life insurance sales with these 5 practical tips

1. Establish Rapport

Two of the top salesperson qualities potential clients expect are empathy and confidence. So the moment you introduce yourself, display these characteristics by making prospects feel like distinct individuals rather than revenue-generating machines.

Here are ways to solidify two-way connections:

  • Look the part of a reliable agent: Whether you choose physical or digital means to meet clients, dress impeccably during the first meeting. It pays to dress a little better than your prospect.
  • Find common ground: Many people like talking about themselves, so encourage them to open up by asking open-ended questions. Learn what you can about potential clients’ alma mater, hobbies, favorite sports team, and so on. 
  • Mirror and match: People are naturally drawn to others they perceive to be like themselves. Develop your mirroring and matching skills to make yourself more like your prospects. Be mindful of your words, body language, and speech patterns. 

2. Understand Every Customer’s Motivation

With so many policy types available, it’s essential to understand a client’s motivation to learn which products and sales approaches are ideal. For example, here are top reasons why policyholders buy life insurance:

  • Replace lost income.
  • Cover interment expenses.
  • Pay off debt.

Most states have mandatory minimums, but understanding customer motivation can help you cross-sell and upsell when possible — one of the traits of successful agents. Find distinct factors your prospect will respond to, such as best value, high coverage, or payment convenience. 

3. Educate Consumers

Never underestimate or overestimate how much or how little prospects know about your products. Consumer education should focus on the benefits you offer instead of your achievements as an agent.

Before making a sale, your prospects have to believe that they need what you offer. Succeeding in such a feat will significantly impact closing a deal. 

Part of educating consumers is making them think about the future and what will happen if they don’t have enough coverage to protect themselves and their loved ones during challenging times. Having to deal with grief and financial concerns at the same time won’t be easy for any family. 

4. Tell Relatable Stories

Whether you have personal or corporate clients with you, start conversations that hold their attention. Instead of rambling about facts, figures, and other such information, bring life to an insurance policy that can help them out in the future. 

Discuss specific insurance application examples. Tell inspiring stories about parents who left their struggling children small fortunes because of life insurance. Balance it with those who missed several opportunities to protect their families after death. 

Give your prospects a chance to think about the benefits of getting life insurance. 

5. Discuss Costs in a Positive Light

As you converse with prospects, you’ll eventually have to talk about one of the most dreaded insurance topics — costs. But, if you play your cards right, you can present this topic in a positive light.

For instance, use the monthly amount when talking about payments but the yearly amount when discussing savings. Doing so will make consumers feel like they’re getting the best value for an affordable rate. 

A $100 monthly payment for thousands of dollars in annual savings seems like a great deal. Find a way to tackle costs without scaring away your clientele. 

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