Do you ever wonder how top agents get so much done in so little time? These sales productivity tips help you make the most out of your workday.

Believe it or not, the best sales productivity tips aren’t about working more hours or the in-between times on your weekends or anything even close. American entrepreneur and best-selling author Gary Keller once said, “Productivity isn’t about being a workhorse, keeping busy or burning the midnight oil… it’s more about priorities, planning, and fiercely protecting your time.”

Many people believe that you need to work 24/7/365 to become a successful insurance agent. In reality, one of the habits of successful salespeople is managing time effectively. Thoughtful sales productivity tips can guide you toward the right path. 

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to boosting your output, but you can observe industry-wide best practices to reach your goals. Here are some ways you can develop the essential skills you need to elevate your career. 

sales productivity tips

Use these 5 sales productivity tips and start working smarter, not harder

1. Set SMART goals.

The first item on this list of sales productivity tips is to set SMART goals — specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based. This is an important tip for several reasons. Sometimes, you can’t achieve your sales targets because you don’t set objectives that motivate you. 

It’s not enough to say, “I want to generate more income this year.” Think about it. Does this statement inspire you into action? 

Instead, you can say, “I want to close three sales per week,” or, “I want to earn $6,000 per month in commission.” Don’t overcommit, though. Attainable goals will give you the motivation to reach them and gradually move that goal higher.

Once you have specific targets, write the numbers and time frames down. Afterward, you can set daily, weekly, and monthly goals. 

2. Identify your peak performance times.

In most cases, work environments dictate when you should start working, what to work on, and how long to perform a task. However, your peak performance time might differ from other agents. 

Before developing an effective strategy to improve your output, take some time to determine if you’re a morning lark or a night owl. During your productive hours, work on the most challenging tasks for you. Afterward, work your way toward simpler duties. 

Are you aware of which time in the day you feel in the zone? That’s when you should review risk management techniques, renew policies, and track claims. You can set meetings, follow-ups, and post-sales services during your low-intensity moments. 

3. Develop a custom plan. 

Once you know your targets and your most productive hours, it’s time to develop a custom plan to turn your targets into reality. Create a detailed road map on what it takes to reach your goals. 

Think of common sales mistakes and foolproof your strategy against them. For example, don’t attempt to sell right away. The marketing rule of seven states that it takes at least seven interactions for consumers to gain enough confidence to close a deal. 

With this in mind, include the following components in your system: working hours, a list of daily priorities, and an hourly schedule. In addition, make some time for cold calls and follow-ups. 

4. Keep your focus. 

Whether you work in a busy office or at home, there’s always something that will distract you from doing your job. If you’re not mindful, your 5-minute Instagram break could last for an hour. 

It’s okay to take breaks, especially if you have access to an outdoor area. You can drink tea, meditate, or take a short walk during your rest time. These moments can rejuvenate you for your other tasks. 

However, it’s essential to give 100% on one task and focus on it completely. Don’t attempt to perform it with other things on your to-do list or watch videos on the side. Research suggests multitaskers usually accomplish less because distractions hurt productivity. 

5. Use technology. 

It’s the 21st century — a fruitful digital era where you can use various tools to help you achieve your goals. No, technology can ever replace your knowledge, skills, and service. However, you can use it to your advantage. 

For instance, you can use various tools to automate your emails, text messages, social media content, and chats. You can use many apps available today to help you work smarter and faster. 

With technology on your side, you can stick to a schedule and enjoy the work-life balance you deserve. The best agents don’t necessarily work the longest, but they make the most out of every minute of their workdays.

Here’s one more tip: You can spend less time generating leads and more time nurturing prospects and closing sales.

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