Ever wonder about the habits of successful salespeople? Check out these 10 habits and try to implement them into your insurance sales strategies.

Every insurance agent approaches their work a little differently from the next. But for those salespeople who consistently close deals and hit quotas, there are commonalities to notice. When looking at the habits of successful salespeople around you, try to notice what they have in common. Start a list and try to incorporate some of those habits into your work life. Here are 10 habits of successful salespeople to get you started.

1. Passionate

A client can tell when an insurance agent is passionate about their work. That doesn’t mean you have to love every aspect of your job. But lean into the parts of your job that are the most fulfilling. With insurance sales, there’s a satisfaction and pride that comes from helping people get the coverage they need. Use that satisfaction to fuel your work, even if you’re having an off day.

2. Curious

Connecting with people is crucial in any sales industry. Staying inquisitive helps you connect with clients and coworkers and is one of the best habits of successful salespeople. Asking meaningful questions shows your dedication to your work and gets you information that can help you close future deals.

3. Effective time management

No matter how much you wish for more, there are only 24 hours in a day. Implementing time management strategies that work for you is one of the habits of successful salespeople that can look different for each person. Some people plan out their days by the minute, while others prefer a less structured schedule, focusing more in multi-hour chunks. There are great mobile and desktop apps to help keep you focused, like Todoist and Trello.

4. Accountable

When you look for habits of successful insurance agents, one trend keeps repeating: accountability. Salespeople who hold themselves and their teams accountable are the ones who grow the most. Being able to reflect on your process and progress and having a self-critical eye is key for continued professional development. By owning your mistakes or missteps, you demonstrate humility and a willingness to grow. These are characteristics that attract more clients.

5. Persistent

One of the most obvious habits of successful salespeople is persistence. Being able to stick to it is essential in any sales field, and especially insurance sales. The reality is that you rarely close a deal after just one conversation. Getting a “yes” takes time and consistent follow-up and only the most persistent will thrive. It’s important, however, to find the delicate balance between being persistent and pestering a prospect or lead.

6. Lifelong learner

Similar to inquisitiveness, a great habit for successful salespeople is to commit to lifelong learning. Industry knowledge is ever-changing, especially with advancements in technology and software. Commit to yourself and your sales team to continue your education. This can look like classroom time in seminars and conferences, or it can be self-driven through reading and podcasts. The best salespeople find a balance between both types of learning.

7. Creative and resourceful

Life happens. Situations arise that can derail our best-laid plans. And it’s important to not get thrown off by unexpected information and situations. A creative mind is essential for being resourceful in a sales position. Creativity allows you to think outside of the box and come up with custom solutions for each of your clients. Being nimble in the moment is key to navigating unanticipated circumstances.

8. Data-driven

The proof is in the numbers. The easiest way to convince someone to buy what you’re selling is to show them evidence and data to support your claims. Data tracking is one of the less glamourous habits of successful salespeople, but it is so important. The data you collect today will not only help your current sales but serve as proof for future sales. Having a good CRM software is critical for this data collection, as is your consistency in using it.

9. Active listener

Ever talk with someone and realize that they aren’t listening and instead are just waiting for their turn to speak? What happens if your sales lead shares something with you and you don’t acknowledge it? Instead, you jump to your next talking point. That lead will feel ignored and start to lose trust in you as an insurance agent. Part of insurance sales is hearing what your clients have to say and incorporating it in your work to find them the best coverage and policies. Practice active listening by doing role-play exercises with your colleagues.

10. Detail-oriented

Dot your Is and cross your Ts. Being able to focus on the fine print and make sure details are ironed out is one of the key habits of successful salespeople. Without paying attention to details, you may be trying to sell a product or service to someone without it being the right fit. Especially when it comes down to the final paperwork, being detail-oriented can mean the difference between a sale and a flop. 

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