Stay on top of your sales game – avoid these 10 major insurance sales mistakes.

Even the most seasoned insurance agents can make sales mistakes that scare clients away. Maybe that’s being too chummy, breaking promises, or controlling the conversation. They could be obvious mistakes or subtle ones that turn an otherwise meaningful conversation into a rejection.

You can’t avoid mistakes entirely. That’s not realistic. However, identifying and acknowledging these problems will put you on a path to greater success. Pay attention to these 10 big insurance sales mistakes, so you can engage your clients better and achieve your business goals.

sales mistakes

10 Sales mistakes you might be making without realizing it

1. Selling right away

If a random stranger on the street suddenly asked you for a hundred dollars, would you hand them your money? In the same sense, you don’t want to jump straight to the sales aspect without building a connection with your potential customer.

Perhaps, you share the same favorite show or food and other hobbies. You may have had the same experiences while visiting a certain country. Find that common ground to warm them up and make the conversation sound more spontaneous rather than a forced sales talk.

2. Talking too much instead of listening

As a salesperson, you’re expected to talk a lot, especially over the phone. However, listening more to your client will yield greater results. That’s the only way you can identify their needs and preferences. 

Knowing that you genuinely care for their situation, they’ll also develop more trust and confidence in you. In turn, you can focus more on finding the right products and solutions based on their needs.

3. Selling too aggressively

As a customer yourself, you’d want to know all options before purchasing a product or service. Also, the last thing you want to experience is being forced to decide right away. So, don’t be that overly salesy and aggressive agent. Instead, understand the client’s concerns, and focus on the solutions and the benefits of the coverage. Then, keep your approach tailored to their way of expression to sound more relatable rather than intimidating.

4. Failing to follow up

Of all the possible sales mistakes, this is perhaps the most common. It’s also the easiest to correct. Insurance may be a necessity, and many clients want to take their time before deciding on the right policy. 

Give them time, yes. But don’t miss your follow-up calls and don’t wait too long or you might just watch your prospect sign on with a competitor.

Nurture existing customers, too. This way, they’ll feel more valued and become comfortable in renewing their coverage.

5. Not contacting leads immediately

Got some leads but decided to call them after completing a bunch of paperwork? Taking a break before calling your lead also sounds like a good idea. However, every second is crucial in getting that potential customer. Call a few minutes late, and the prospect might be busy talking to other insurance agents already. So, strike while the iron’s hot.   

6. Not asking the right questions

Asking open-ended questions instead of close-ended ones will help you gauge your client better and identify their needs. Therefore, start your questions with who, what, when, where, and why. Ask for clarification if you need to. Then, know when to introduce new questions and probe further to offer the most suitable coverage for them.

7. Feeling too comfortable

Insurance veterans who’ve just closed a huge policy may start to feel pretty comfortable. They may begin to scale back their sales efforts, thinking they’re unnecessary. However, being too comfortable is one of the biggest sales mistakes an agent can make. It might make your numbers stagnate, or something unexpected could happen, like a cancellation. Revel in your victory, and then keep getting new clients.

8. Spending too much time on tire kickers

Your clients and prospects are free to look around even without the intention of immediately buying. So, stay strategic and learn to promptly identify those who don’t seem willing to take the next step. If they’re not asking questions specific to their conditions or concerns, they may not be interested in getting a policy. The earlier you identify them, the more time you can spend on serious customers.

9. Arguing with clients

Whether it’s over a misconception or misinformation, never make the mistake of arguing with your client. Instead, understand where they’re coming from, ask the right questions, and stay curious and courteous while explaining different concepts and information that may be new to them.

10. Being unprepared

You might think you already know what to say because you have a script and you encountered similar clients of the same profile. However, one of the most common cold-calling mistakes is coming off unprepared. If you want to avoid long pauses and awkward silence, review the product and perform sufficient research. 

Avoiding these sales mistakes will help you turn your leads into actual customers. Another way is to work with a reliable insurable lead provider like HBW Leads. Get in touch with the experts today and achieve higher sales with more exclusive and double-verified sales leads.