It’s natural to be scared of cold calling, but it’s essential to address your apprehension if you want to reach your sales targets.

Are you scared of cold calling? You’re not alone. The Harvard Business Review reports that 48% of salespeople are not thrilled about using this technique. After all, the process of phoning strangers, interrupting their day, and selling your products can be pretty daunting.

However, you can unlock countless sales opportunities when you get over your fears.

scared of cold calling

Learn 5 practical ways to master the science of cold calling. 

1. Prepare for every call.

Being passionate is one of the habits successful salespeople share, and nothing shows passion more than preparing for every call you make. 

First, use the internet to learn a few things about the prospects on your list. A few minutes on LinkedIn can do wonders for your call. Research your potential customer’s buyer persona and distinct needs so you can offer a solution. 

Also, prepare yourself mentally. Think of all possible conversation scenarios — and be okay with them. In cold calling, you will encounter many people with different personalities. Responses will be anything from annoyed to abrupt to interested to happy to talk, so don’t worry about anything you can’t control. 

Even when you do receive abrupt nos and negative feedback, don’t take such interactions personally or let them affect your confidence. 

2. Identify your fears — and address them. 

Especially if you don’t have a lot of experience, it’s normal to be scared of cold calling. First, however, it’s best to determine which part of this task scares you the most. 

Are you afraid to catch a potential client at a bad time?

Do phone conversations make you uncomfortable because you can’t see your prospects’ reactions?

Do you clam up during conversations with strangers?

Does the thought of getting rejected intimidate you?

The sooner you realize what it is about cold calls that sends you into panic mode, the sooner you can address it. For instance, if you discover you don’t want to catch people when they’re busy, find out the best times for sales calls

3. Create a script. 

Another way to face your cold calling fears is to create a script. It’s a proven way to prepare yourself for all possible scenarios and reduce call anxiety. 

When you learn what makes a good script and develop one that fits your needs, you can:

  • Improve your confidence: Replacing a call’s uncertainty with a clear plan of what to say and do will amplify your faith in yourself. 
  • Develop a good flow: With a guide in front of you, you never have to worry about long, awkward pauses. 
  • Boost productivity: A sales script helps you integrate all the necessary cold calling steps in the least time possible. 

4. Keep practicing. 

The more you practice cold calls, the less anxious you become. It’s one of the best ways to hone your skills and get over your fears. 

Ask your teammates — or family and friends if necessary — to help you improve your expertise. For example, conduct mock call sessions where they act as prospects. Instruct them to make the activity as challenging as possible to help you prepare for actual scenarios. 

No matter how intimidating it is at first, keep practicing until your worries wear off. Combine this with continuous product training and exceptional service to grow your career. 

5. Analyze your performance. 

The easiest way to find improvement opportunities is to record your phone calls and review them one by one. Listen to your exchanges objectively. 

First, check your tone. Since your prospects can’t see your facial expressions, it can impact the quality of your calls. The right tonality can make a potential client feel more comfortable.

Next, find objections you might have missed or benefits you could have discussed to sway conversations in your favor. Again, you can ask your managers, colleagues, relatives, and friends for feedback. Remember that each call is an opportunity to improve your cold calling skills. 

Keep analyzing your performance, improving your skills, and tracking your progress. One day, you’ll realize cold calling isn’t so scary after all. 

Still scared of cold calling?

Don’t worry; it takes time and practice to conquer your fear of sales calls. However, if you’re not quite ready for cold calling, we can handle the most stressful parts for you.

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