Is cold calling for auto insurance leads a major time and energy drain? Learn five strategies for building auto insurance cold-calling scripts to improve your cold calling process.

Does the thought of cold calling leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Talking to strangers and getting them to buy things is equal parts art and science. (Not to mention time consuming!) Cold calling for auto insurance leads can feel like a daunting step in the sales process. But with the right techniques and resources, your auto insurance cold calling scripts can generate leads giving you more time to focus on closing the deal. We’ve put together five strategies that will help you build great insurance cold calling scripts and improve your cold calling process.

All Great Auto Insurance Cold Calling Scripts Start with Personalization

The key difference between a standard insurance cold calling script and a great auto insurance cold calling script is personalization. Do your homework on the list of prospects you’ll be calling. If they’re all in the same geographic location, find out what type of weather they are having right now, or any local news or sports stories. Knowing a few of these details can help you build a rapport with prospects. When creating your script, leave opportunities to weave in some of your research. Be flexible enough to go off-script for a moment while a prospect regales you about their undefeated highschool football team or their most recent 12 inches of snow. A moment or two of small talk will go a long way in converting prospects into leads.

Insurance Cold Call Scripts

Stop using a Prospect’s Full Name When Cold Calling

Keeping with the personalization theme, we highly recommend using a prospect’s first name when greeting them on an auto insurance cold call. If you use their full name, it can be a red flag to the prospect indicating right off the bat that you don’t know them. Even worse, if someone other than your prospect picks up the phone they will know that you’re cold calling. These gatekeepers can stop you in your tracks. On the other hand, by using your prospect’s first name only, you are indicating a level of familiarity, disarming the prospect into conversation rather than preparing them for telemarketer combat.

Have Something to Offer

When you hang up, what piece of information do you want to make sure your prospect takes away? What are you offering them? Have an offer in mind when building your insurance cold calling scripts. The more specific you can get, the better. What is that special something that is going to make someone switch auto insurances for you? Tying back to personalization, how can you make this offer feel highly personalized to your prospect? This should be tailored to what promotions you are running at the time. Offers can also be strategic, end-of-call efforts to turn gatekeepers into an extension of your cold call with messages like, “Just tell John I think we could save him $400 in auto insurance next year.”

Don’t Forget the Importance of a Good Voicemail script

You’ve written your scripts and rehearsed your talking points. Great! But what happens when your prospect doesn’t pick up? Don’t fall into the trap of speed-reading your script onto their voicemail. Again, personalization is key. First names, and short messages are the way to go with voicemail scripts. Don’t leave anything more than 20 seconds, and get to the point immediately. This is another great place to repurpose your “specific offer” messaging.

Cold Calling Scripts

Timing is Everything for Utilizing Auto Insurance Cold Calling Scripts

It might seem obvious, but a simple step to make sure your calls get answered is to think about what time it is for your prospect, and what activities they may be distracted by. Check your timezones! Research shows the best time to reach someone directly on the phone is between 8 – 9 a.m. and 4 – 5 p.m. These are key transition times in a prospect’s day when they may have a few minutes to speak on the phone.

Prospecting at Scale: a Game-Changing Resource

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