Discover 5 lead nurturing tactics to maintain a connection with your prospects until they’re ready to purchase a policy.

Television personality Mike King once said, “We do a lot of one-night stands in lead generation and not enough in long-term relationships.” When you fill your pipeline, that’s great. However, you should match your efforts with lead nurturing tactics to maintain your momentum. 

Lead nurturing means engaging with prospects and reinforcing connections with them at every sales funnel stage — awareness, interest, decision, and action. 

lead nurturing tactics

Discover strategies that will transform a random lead into a loyal customer. 

1. Understand your target market. 

Like any marketing technique, lead nurturing tactics begin with a thorough understanding of the target market. Learning everything you can about your clientele — location, age, family life, income level, and habits — helps you delve deeper into their distinct needs and wants. 

When you learn your potential clients’ pain points, you can start developing techniques to address their specific requirements. For today’s customers, personalization is king. One-size-fits-all solutions don’t resonate with consumers anymore. 

2. Provide prospects with value throughout their buyer’s journey. 

Once you start researching your potential clients, you will realize that they have different goals at any given time. Some don’t know what they want from you, while others are ready to close the deal. 

For this reason, you will need various content types across your platforms to appeal to different buyer personas. Ultimately, the goal is to provide segmented audience groups with targeted content. 

For instance, selling right away is one of the top mistakes agents make. Communicating with someone in the awareness stage is different from talking to someone who’s ready to purchase a policy. 

3. Use various channels. 

One of the most practical lead nurturing strategies is to use multiple content channels. According to marketing experts, it takes an average of seven interactions before prospects close a deal. You cannot rely on one communications channel with your potential clients because there’s a chance they won’t get your messages. 

When you research your clientele, find out which content channels they frequent — websites, social media sites, emails, or SMS. Spread your messages across various platforms to increase your chances of reaching your ideal audience. 

Creating high-quality content takes time and effort. However, you can practice repurposing techniques to make the most out of every material you develop. For instance, you can turn a standout blog into several social media posts and short videos. 

4. Stay top of mind. 

It might be tempting to sell a policy and then move on to the next lead, but your professional relationships shouldn’t end after closed deals. Instead, you can create a strategy to convert satisfied clients into brand ambassadors. 

The best way to stay top of mind for a customer is to reach out frequently. Of course, you don’t have to get in touch daily, but automated messages can do wonders for your business.

You can set up automatic prompts for policy reviews, renewals, birthdays, and holidays. Loyal customers are great for business because they spend more on your products and services and tell their family and friends about you. When the time is right, you can even ask for referrals

5. Ask for the sale.

One of the most practical lead nurturing tactics is to ask for the sale. This advice may seem obvious, but many salespeople suddenly fold during the last portion of the sales process. 

When you’ve performed all the necessary sales tasks, including capturing and engaging with potential clients, asking for the sale would be the ideal next step. After a few interactions with your prospects, you should have gained their trust. 

After all, rejection is the worst thing that could happen. However, when you ask your clients to purchase from you, they could say yes and even refer other individuals or clients interested in buying policies. 

Not feeling confident about your lead nurturing?

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