Find out why you may want to think twice before buying shared insurance leads. And discover where you can get leads with a better ROI.

If you’re in the insurance industry, you know how important it is to generate new leads to keep your business thriving. However, not all leads are created equal, and shared insurance leads are often a waste of money. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the drawbacks of shared insurance leads, discuss their costs, and explore better alternatives that can help you grow your business effectively.

shared insurance leads

What are Shared Insurance Leads?

Shared insurance leads are leads that are sold to multiple agents or companies. These leads are often generated through online sources, such as lead generation websites, and distributed to various agents. While shared leads may seem like a cost-effective option, they have several disadvantages that can negatively impact your business.

The Drawbacks of Shared Insurance Leads

Lower Lead Quality

When you purchase shared insurance leads, you’re buying leads that have been recycled and distributed to multiple agents. Unfortunately, this often results in lower-quality leads, as other agents have likely contacted these potential clients before you. Consequently, these leads may be less responsive and less likely to convert into actual customers.

Increased Competition

Since shared leads are sold to multiple agents, you’ll compete with others for these potential clients’ attention and business. This increased competition can make it more difficult for you to stand out and convince prospects to choose your services over those of your competitors.

Wasted Time and Effort

The lower quality and increased competition associated with shared leads can significantly waste time and effort. You’ll likely have to spend more time following up with these leads and trying to close deals, only to find that many have already chosen another agent or are simply not interested.

The Cost of Shared Insurance Leads

Pricing Models

Shared insurance leads are typically sold based on a pay-per-lead model, where agents pay a predetermined amount for each lead they receive. While this may seem like an affordable option, the low conversion rates of these leads can result in a poor return on investment.

Hidden Costs

In addition to the direct cost of purchasing shared leads, hidden costs are associated with the time and effort required to follow up with these leads. These hidden costs can further diminish the value of shared leads, making them an even less attractive option for your business.

Exclusive Insurance Leads: A Better Alternative

Exclusive insurance leads are generated and sold to only one agent or company. As a result, these leads are typically higher in quality and more likely to convert into customers, making them a more compelling investment for your business.

Benefits of Exclusive Insurance Leads

Higher Lead Quality

Exclusive leads are generally more qualified and responsive because multiple agents have not contacted them. As a result, you’ll be working with prospects who are genuinely interested in your services, increasing your chances of closing deals.

Less Competition

Since exclusive leads are only sold to one agent or company, you won’t have to compete with other agents for the prospect’s attention. This allows you to focus on building a relationship with the potential client and showcasing your expertise without the pressure of competing offers.

Better Return on Investment

Although exclusive leads can be more expensive upfront, their higher conversion rates often lead to a better return on investment in the long run. By spending your resources on exclusive leads, you can save time and money while growing your client base more effectively.

How to Obtain Exclusive Insurance Leads

Sign up for HBW Leads

The easiest way to obtain exclusive insurance leads is to sign up for HBW Leads. Our leads come straight from our dedicated team of lead specialists based in the US. You can trust that these leads aren’t just random internet users or people providing false contact information. Our team spends an average of 4-7 minutes engaging with potential prospects, asking qualifying questions on your behalf. Our lead specialists handle all the groundwork by cold calling within your specific state, saving you time and effort.

Online Marketing

Invest in online marketing strategies such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), and social media marketing to generate high-quality exclusive leads. These strategies help drive targeted traffic to your website, where you can capture leads through forms or chatbots.

Networking and Referrals

Build strong relationships with your existing clients and professional network to generate exclusive leads through word-of-mouth referrals. By providing exceptional service and maintaining good rapport with your contacts, you can encourage them to refer new clients to you.

Content Marketing

Create valuable and informative content, such as blog posts, articles, or videos, to attract potential clients and demonstrate your expertise in the insurance industry. By offering helpful insights and solutions, you can generate exclusive leads who are more likely to trust your services.

Tips for Working with Exclusive Insurance Leads

Timely Follow-ups

When you receive an exclusive lead, make sure to follow up promptly. Responding quickly to inquiries demonstrates your professionalism and commitment to serving your clients.


Take the time to personalize your communication with exclusive leads. Use their names, reference their specific needs, and tailor your approach to show that you genuinely care about their circumstances.

Building Trust and Credibility

Build trust with your exclusive leads by being honest, transparent, and knowledgeable. Offer valuable advice and demonstrate your expertise in the industry to establish credibility and foster long-lasting relationships.

The Future of Insurance Lead Generation

As technology evolves, the insurance industry will see new and innovative ways to generate leads. For example, artificial intelligence and machine learning advances will enable more targeted lead-generation strategies. At the same time, an increased focus on customer experience will make personalized, high-quality leads even more critical for business success.


In conclusion, shared insurance leads can save money due to their lower quality, increased competition, and hidden costs. However, by investing in exclusive insurance leads and implementing effective lead-generation strategies, you can grow your business more efficiently and achieve better returns on your investment.


  1. Why are shared insurance leads often of lower quality? Shared insurance leads are often of lower quality because they are sold to multiple agents, which means these potential clients have likely been contacted by other agents before you, making them less responsive and less likely to convert.
  2. What are the main benefits of exclusive insurance leads? The main benefits of exclusive insurance leads are higher lead quality, less competition, and a better return on investment.
  3. How can I generate exclusive insurance leads? You can generate your exclusive insurance leads by signing up for HBW Leads.
  4. What are some best practices for working with exclusive insurance leads? Best practices for working with exclusive insurance leads include timely follow-ups, personalization, and building trust and credibility.
  5. How is the future of insurance lead generation expected to change? The future of insurance lead generation will likely see advances in technology, but the reality is that exclusive lead generation will always need to be done by humans.

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