Narrow down your pool of leads and focus on the ones with the biggest closing potential with these sales qualifying questions.

Would you sell a lawnmower to someone living in an apartment? Common sense dictates no, you sell lawnmowers to homeowners with yards that require maintenance. The same principle applies to selling life insurance — instead of wasting your time, effort, and resources chasing after every lead that comes your way, you need to learn how to use sales qualifying questions to narrow down your prospects and devote your attention to high-quality leads ready to be converted. 

It’s significantly easier to turn qualified insurance leads into customers

than trying to cast as wide a net as possible. In essence, qualified leads are people who are interested in what you’re selling and are thus easier to engage along the buyer’s journey. If you don’t know where to begin, here are some sales qualifying questions you can incorporate into your lead generation routine.

sales qualifying questions

Essential sales qualifying questions you need to start using today

1. What made you start looking for life insurance options?

Curiosity can be a powerful emotion, but it might not be enough to get your lead to close the deal. If they’re just shopping around, you should do your utmost to educate them on their options and cultivate an interest in your products and services, but you can’t depend solely on curiosity. 

The best lead is one that has an urgent need — maybe they’re starting a family (or recently started one), entering a high-risk job or hobby, or caring for aging parents who don’t have a policy. Knowing how urgent their needs are and what those needs are in the first place will allow you to better assess whether or not you’ll be able to close a sale. 

2. What needs do you want your life insurance to meet?

This complements the first question, meant to help you pinpoint what products in your arsenal your lead is looking for. They could be looking for education-oriented plans to secure their child’s college education or retirement-oriented plans to continue living comfortably after they stop working. They may want term life insurance but are also interested in the possibility of upgrading it to whole life insurance. 

Whatever their needs are, you want to find a compatible life insurance product. If there’s a significant mismatch in what they want vs. what you’re selling, it’s best to move on to other prospects.

3. Do you already have life insurance? Are you willing to work with a new agent?

If your lead already has life insurance, you might think it’s an excellent opportunity to pitch your case and highlight cost savings or increased coverage as reasons to make the switch. However, some may only be interested in doing a price check to ensure they’re still getting a reasonable rate from their provider and don’t want to work with a new one.

4. Do other people have a say in your financial decisions?

Sometimes, the person right in front of you doesn’t have the final say in whether or not they’ll go through with the purchase. Therefore, it’s a good idea to find out who has the authority to make the decision and ask your lead to walk you through the decision-making process, so you won’t find yourself trying to bring a stalled deal back to life if it hits a snag later on in the process.

5. If life insurance was free, how much coverage would you get? 

This is a good question to figure out the budget that your lead wants to work with. It gives them a chance to think up an estimate and gives you a chance to break down that estimate into solvable needs and achievable goals. Your ability to close a deal hinges significantly on finding the right product for your leads, and comparing their hypothetical budget to their actual budget can help you determine if they’ll benefit from your services.

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