Find out how insurance sales enablement can help boost productivity and improve staff retention rates within insurance organizations.

Insurance sales managers and sales staff are constantly looking for ways to increase their effectiveness and retain top talent. Insurance sales enablement is one of the essential strategies they can use to achieve both goals.

Insurance sales enablement involves empowering employees with the knowledge, skills, tools, and support to perform at their peak potential. It helps ensure that insurance agents have the resources they need to sell products while also providing a more positive work environment that effectively encourages employee engagement and retention.

insurance sales enablement

The 7 best practices for insurance sales enablement

1. Provide Regular and Ongoing Training

Ongoing training is an integral part of insurance sales enablement. Insurance agents must stay current with the latest industry trends, technologies, and products to remain competitive. By providing regular and ongoing training sessions, insurance sales managers can ensure that their staff stays well-informed and prepared to tackle any challenge. This can help keep agents motivated and engaged and reduce the risk of losing them due to a lack of knowledge or skills.

2. Give Agents Access to the Right Technology

Technology is a critical component of insurance sales enablement. Insurance agents need access to the right technology to be successful. This means giving them access to tools such as CRMs and training software and utilizing sales enablement tools like customer relationship management software to improve customer management and tracking and e-learning platforms to make training more accessible and engaging.

While many think of sales enablement tools that help you send emails and follow up with leads and customers, a host of other tools can help train new hires, send encouraging messages, and create an atmosphere of gamification in the onboarding process.

3. Create a Mentorship Program

Pair experienced salespeople with newer team members to provide guidance and support as they learn the ropes. Mentorship programs differ from traditional employee training in a few key ways. While conventional training often focuses on teaching employees specific skills, mentorship focuses more on helping them develop as professionals and gain the confidence to succeed. Mentors provide support, guidance, advice, and encouragement throughout learning new skills or job responsibilities. Mentorship also allows for more personalized feedback than generic classroom-style instruction does. Additionally, mentors can help employees identify opportunities for growth within their organization that they may have yet to be aware of. All these elements combine to make mentorship a powerful tool for improving employee performance and morale.

4. Use a Variety of Training Methods

Incorporate a mix of in-person training, online tutorials, and webinars to cater to different learning styles. Use real-life scenarios in training: Role-playing exercises and case studies can help salespeople learn how to handle specific situations in the field. Too often, we see agencies that are stuck in the past. Take this opportunity to renew and refresh your training methods.

5. Create the Ultimate Sales Library 

Provide your team with a library of sales materials. Keep an inventory of brochures, flyers, and other sales materials your team can use to promote your products and services. You can even create a database of the best-performing emails. Many teams have swipe files for phone sales scripts that have worked well. These documents are accessible to all team members and can significantly benefit new hires. Your sales library should encourage team collaboration.

6. Don’t Forget to Review

Regularly review and evaluate the tools and resources your team is using. Keep track of what is working and what isn’t and adjust accordingly. Adding new practices and software to your team’s stack can be a challenge, especially for senior sales team members. Get feedback from every team member, and you may discover that the new best practice is causing more trouble than it’s worth.

7. Enable Sales Through Exclusive Qualified Leads

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