Discover 7 qualities that will help you learn how to make a powerful first impression and change the way you approach prospects.

An insurance agent needs to possess several skills and qualities to be successful in their field. Even so, knowing how to make a powerful first impression is perhaps the most crucial of all.

These first impressions influence the way potential clients see you and think about whether or not they want to do business with you. And while there’s more to it than just that moment in time, it could mean the difference between closing a deal or choosing the competition. 

how to make a powerful first impression

Find out how to make a powerful first impression with these 7 characteristics

1. Good people skills

Every successful insurance agent has good people skills. What does that look like in practice? You communicate easily with others without using confusing insurance jargon. You can listen and empathize to understand the client’s needs. After all, agents who understand their clients can leverage that information to communicate with them effectively.

Furthermore, great insurance agents always put the needs of their prospects and clients first. Following this approach will let you design an insurance program that checks all boxes for your customer.

2. Excellent customer service

Another important factor for successful insurance agents is strong customer service skills. You can showcase this expertise by responding promptly to phone calls and proactively reaching out to prospects to check in with them. Add a solid work ethic to this and you’re golden.

3. Accurate research beforehand

Credibility matters when it comes to learning how to make a powerful first impression. One way to show your credibility is by showing prospects that you spent time learning about their situation and how you can help them. While you may have years and years of experience under your belt, citing statistics and researching the latest insurance developments will help further your credibility with new clients.

4. Great energy

Being enthusiastic is important when selling insurance policies. That’s why you need to show prospects your eagerness to help them whenever required. And if you lack enthusiasm, your prospects will quickly notice. Make sure you can smile even in the face of objections.

You won’t convince every prospect to purchase your insurance policies but staying positive will help increase the probability of closing more sales later on. In addition, potential clients who rejected your offer but fondly remember your personality may refer your business to others.

5. Persistence 

Considering the previous tip, insurance agents need to practice persistence when promoting their products and services.

Succeeding in this field means that you should be able to handle rejection. Also, keep in mind that if you handle rejection well, a prospect could turn around and change their minds later.

6. Organized

Excellent organizational skills will allow you to maximize your phone calls with prospective customers. It’s best to gather the necessary information beforehand, such as the research you conducted. You don’t want to fumble through a disorganized stack of papers while you’re making the call — it’ll make you seem less confident and less professional.

7. Honest

Any trustworthy insurance agency would tell their agents not to sell their clients anything they don’t need. But every insurance firm wants to stay competitive by offering their prospects better policies than others.

Although you can request to take a look at the current policy of a prospect, you don’t need to say anything that your products can’t provide. If that’s the case, be honest and admit that you can’t do any better.

Your integrity and honesty are enough to leave a good first impression on prospective clients. It also increases the chances that they might return to do business in the future.

So then, how to make a powerful first impression? Take a look at these characteristics and skills. Learn and practice them daily.  Driving prospects to purchase isn’t always easy, but there are ways you can improve.

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