Learn five auto insurance sales closing techniques that will get your deal over the finish line.

You’ve worked hard to secure and nurture your insurance leads and you’re at the home stretch. Deciding which auto insurance sales closing techniques to use requires a mix of intuition, science, and alchemy. When deciding which closing strategy to use, many factors come into play like personality and communication style. Even if you think you have a firm grasp on what insurance sales closing techniques work for you, it’s a good idea to test out new methods from time to time. Here are five strategies to try this year.

The expiration close

Creating a sense of urgency is one of the more common auto insurance sales closing techniques. Whether you’ve been nurturing a lead for months or just a few calls, building a sense of a “limited time offer” can help fence-sitter leads to make a move. The key with using this strategy is to not sound too pushy. Build trust with your lead by letting them know insider information. Try language like, “I’ve just heard that rates are going to be going up next week,” or “If we move forward today, I can lock this quote in for you.”

The “give in” close

When working with an auto insurance lead, you may run into a customer’s objections. Your lead may be shutting down your offers because they are looking for something specific. Maybe they’re looking for a certain type of coverage or add-on. Maybe they’re asking for a lower price point or a bundle deal. If you have the flexibility, offer to give them what they are looking for if they’re willing to sign on the dotted line right then. This is a great strategy to use for a lead who has been dragging their feet in their decision-making.

Remove something from the table close

Similar to the “give in” close, the “remove something from the table” close is one of the best auto insurance closing techniques to use when a customer can’t seem to make up their mind. If a customer won’t commit to a deal because of pricing, meet them at their desired price point by removing an element of coverage from the offer. More times than not, the customer will see the value in the removed item and not want to lose it. The customer then becomes willing to pay for the added element. And you’ll end up closing your deal at the original amount.

The assumptive close

This type of auto insurance sales closing technique is all about the wording. By talking to your customer as if the deal is assured, you subliminally reinforce that it’s the right decision to make. You assume that your customer will say yes and purchase insurance from you. Use simple phrases like “I can send you the final paperwork today,” and “Your new policy will take effect this afternoon.” Influence your customer by planting the seeds for a closed deal.

The freebie close

Everyone loves getting something for nothing. Get your lead to sign on the dotted line by throwing in a bonus freebie. Whether it be additional coverage or another perk that would typically cost money, offer to add something to their deal. Once your customer sees that they could get additional value for the same price, they’ll be likely to move ahead with the deal. Get creative by thinking of add-ons that won’t necessarily cost you extra. Offer a free insurance consultation for their other insurance needs. Give them a discount on future insurance purchases. Offer immediate incentives based on good driving records or multiple driver coverage.

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