“No Lead is worth anything if you don’t have a CRM”

Those are the words of wisdom from Farmers Agent, Brett Oliver. Brett purchases leads – primarily telemarketed leads from HBW Leads. From experience, he learned that a process to close his leads makes all the difference, and the agents that neglect this are making a HUGE mistake. What’s Brett’s process? You guessed it: A CRM.

“I bought leads before without a CRM, and it was a disaster”

In the information age, manual sales processes just don’t work because there’s so much valuable data that you gather. For example, when you contact your leads, you collect information by verifying and asking questions:

How many vehicles? Who’s their current carrier? Do they have other assets that need protection? Are they ready to buy now or in the future? Etc. What you decide to do with that data NEXT is the most important step.

That’s where an insurance CRM comes to the rescue! An insurance CRM helps you visualize and make sense of all your data: from visualizing your agency’s sales projections, viewing upcoming x-dates, identifying and overcoming sales objections, and much more.

That’s only the beginning…

“The System is more important than the selling”

Let’s face it. Not every lead is ready to buy right away.

In many instances, you don’t close a lead because it wasn’t the right time for the prospect or they chose a competitor. Brett can relate, “a lot of the leads we sell are sold in the first 4-6 months”. That’s why insurance CRMs like Blitz make sure that none of your leads fall off your radar, and you can convert them too.

Through automated drip emailing and scheduled follow-up reminders, insurance CRMs help agency sales producers keep their pipelines full year-round and your leads warm. This ensures that when you do call, you’re memorable. (Remember when you called a lead after months of no contact, AND they didn’t remember you? Awkward…). Or better yet, they’ll see you’re your email, listen to your voicemail, and call you. There’s nothing better than that- except maybe a good conversion rate.

“A good conversion rate for my agency is 10%”

Converting 10% of your leads requires persistence and strategy. Brett says it’s essential that each new lead is contacted in the first 36 hours and that you continue to work with them. Then you evaluate.

Measure the leads you sold in the first month and then the first 6 months so that you can make decisions. Your Insurance CRM will help you evaluate and make decisions.

For example, by viewing the leads you’ve closed and have yet to close, you know which lead providers are profitable or if your producers need basic sales coaching. If your sales producers are doing a great job, but the leads are unable to be reached or closed, it may be time to switch lead providers…

“I prefer a telemarketed lead over a web lead”

There are many different lead providers to choose from. All of them have benefits, and some lead providers work better for some agents than others. For Brett, he prefers exclusive and verified leads from HBW to deliver him convertible leads. Here’s why:

  1. Data verification. “I want to know that the data’s been verified”, says Brett. HBW Leads verifies each lead data twice before it’s sent to the agent. That’s why agents get the best quality leads.
  2. Quality. Since each lead Brett receives from HBW is 100% exclusive to him, he receives leads that are quality and real With internet leads, quality can suffer- something that Brett knows from experience, “There might be three Erics or five Erics for every one telemarketed Eric”. With HBW Leads you don’t have to waste your time calling leads with bogus information.
  3. The leads are warm. Every HBW Lead Brett receives has already been spoken with. Plus, the name of the HBW Lead Specialist is on the lead record. This helps form a warm connection. So, when their agency calls the leads, relationship building is much easier because the prospect is expecting a call, and the name of the lead specialist is able to be referenced.

HBW Leads paired with Brett’s CRM is the perfect marriage to keep his producer’s pipelines full and deliver more new clients all year long.

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