Learn the best strategies for keeping leads flowing in your insurance sales pipeline and discover how to build efficiencies throughout.

The most efficient people are the ones who build a routine, stick with it, and measure their success. Building an insurance sales pipeline is the key to becoming an efficient salesperson and reaping consistent sales numbers month over month. For many people in the insurance industry, the concept of a sales pipeline isn’t new. But how often are you checking in on your pipeline structure and refining your best practices? Here are some strategies to consider when building and maintaining your insurance sales pipeline.

Build Lead Flow

When starting to build your insurance sales pipeline, it’s important to attain leads from multiple sources. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a few consistent sources, but for the most part, your sources will ebb and flow from month to month. This is why it’s critical to have diverse sources including website traffic, social media ads, referral programs, and third-party lead generation.

Insurance Sales Pipeline

Allow Your Pipeline to Build

It’s easy to get discouraged in the first months of building an insurance sales pipeline when you aren’t seeing your leads convert to sales right away. Sure, some leads become sales in a matter of days or weeks. But many leads take multiple months before converting to a sale. As you consistently collect leads each month, your pipeline will fill and you’ll notice a gradual increase in sales numbers each month. Patience is key!

Insurance Sales Pipeline

Keep Efforts Consistent

If you have a great sales month, don’t think you can kick up your feet and take a break. A break or lull in activity today will equal trouble in a few months when you discover gaps in your insurance sales pipeline. Set monthly goals and stay consistent with your efforts so that your pipeline continues to churn out sales.

Insurance Sales Pipeline

Develop a Repeatable Process

A great month of sales is useless if it can’t be repeated. Sure, there is occasional luck and coincidence that brings you an easy lead or big sale. But for consistency, you can’t rely on luck. Track your progress each month, and also track your methods. By analyzing your methods each month, you’ll begin to see what routines work best in filling your insurance sales pipeline and earning new business. Document what works on opening calls and on closing deals so that you can build a repeatable process for future months.

Insurance Sales Pipeline

Work the Entire Insurance Sales Pipeline

Sometimes routine and structure can get in the way when it comes to working your insurance sales pipeline. It may seem logical to focus on the aging leads first before moving on to new ones. The reality is that you have to work them all. Some leads will age months before converting to a sale and others will close in a couple of days. You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity because you’re stuck following some chronological order. That being said, you can build a routine or schedule to help you work your entire pipeline. You can carve out time in your schedule to focus on older leads, new leads, and referrals. Find the balance that works best for you and stick with it.

Insurance Sales Pipeline

Play the Insurance Sales Pipeline Long Game

It can be easy to judge a lead after a couple of months, thinking it’s not going to convert to a sale. However, it’s good to let some leads simmer, touching base every so often to check in with the prospect so that your name is at the top of their list when they do decide to buy.


Automate Part or All of Your Lead Generation Process

When optimizing your insurance sales pipeline, automation is your friend. Find ways to automate your processes at every step of lead generation and sales. You can create forms on your website to collect leads that go right into your inbox. But take it a step further and create an email rule that highlights or puts leads at the top of your pile. Another automation technique is to use software like Calendly, which allows prospects to schedule time directly onto your calendar. Let your prospects do the work for you so that you just open up your calendar and the appointment and contact information is pre-populated.

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