Take advantage of web communities, social media, and new technologies and let some of the best auto insurance leads come to you!

Can you believe the World Wide Web (in its public form) has been around for 20 years? It’s hard to imagine a time when we weren’t shopping, scheduling, communicating, and connecting using our computers and phones. It’s no surprise, then, that the internet is a great resource in finding the best auto insurance leads. The internet is an insurance agent’s most valuable tool in lead generation.

It can be easy to get stuck in a routine using the same resources for securing the best auto insurance leads, but it’s good to break out of your usual patterns every once in a while. With new online communities and networking opportunities popping up daily, it’s important to take time and review what resources you might be missing. Beyond networking opportunities, there are internet-based tools and softwares that can make the best auto insurance leads come to you! Here are some internet and technology strategies to focus on for capturing the best auto insurance leads.

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Be a Social Butterfly

Take word-of-mouth advertising to the cloud! Social networks offer sources for finding some of the best auto insurance leads. Facebook is an ideal resource, since it makes it so easy to share information in concentrated networks of people. Get involved in your local facebook community groups and post useful information. Build a relationship with your social network communities so that you become an expert resource in the auto insurance field. Encourage people to reach out to you via messenger to ask you questions to demystify the auto-insurance buying process.

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Join the Forums

Online forums are the original social networks. These forums are typically hyper-local, which is great if you have an assigned sales region. Some communities have at least one preferred online platform and most are using multiple resources. A few places to check out are Nextdoor and Front Porch Forum. Like Facebook, the secret to finding leads on these types of sites is to be helpful. Offer free quotes and help people with insurance buying questions. 

It’s best not to jump into sales pitches on these forums, but rather take time and build relationships. It’s even more helpful if you have a connection to the area. Did you grow up in the neighborhood? Do your parents still live in the area? Maybe you live there now. Connections to the region turn you into a credible source. Build time in your schedule to browse these community forums regularly and participate in discussions, even if they aren’t about finding the best auto insurance. Prospective customers are more likely to reach out to you on these forums if they have seen you interact with others already.

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Improve Your Web Presence

Is your website up to date? More importantly is it mobile-friendly? More people browse the internet from their phones than their computers, these days.  A mobile-optimized website is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a must have. 

Imagine you are a customer looking at your website for the first time. Can you find all of the information you are looking for? It’s good practice to do this at least quarterly to make sure all links are working and that your information is up to date. Even better, have a friend or family  member browse your website. Sometimes we can go blind to typos, and mistakes, because we’re too close to the content. 

Many insurance professionals don’t take advantage of web analytics tools. These tools and softwares run behind the scenes and can show you where your web traffic and leads are coming from. The data is also helpful in highlighting areas, demographics, and referral sources that are untapped or can improve!

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What Are Your Website’s Action Items?

What are some actions prospective customers can take when they visit your site? Web forms and newsletter sign-ups are a great way to capture prospect information. Just like checking to see if your website is up to date, it’s just as important to check that your online forms are functioning. There’s nothing worse than a prospective customer filling out a form that doesn’t go anywhere. 

People love crossing items off of their to-do list. There’s a subset of people who will want to take action immediately after reading your website. These are the same folks who wake up one day and decide they need a haircut and will go to any salon that has online scheduling availability that day. Give them that satisfaction of taking action by creating ways for them to schedule a call with you. Appointment booking software can integrate easily into your website. One example is a system like Calendly which allows users to book time on your calendar based on your availability. Nothing like finding the best auto insurance leads by having them come to you! 

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