Learn seven ways to generate more home insurance leads and add to your sales funnel.

Home insurance lead generation can be divided into a few categories. Cold calling is one method, and it’s not everyone’s favorite. Other lead generation strategies involve building up referral networks, getting your name out into the community, and educating prospective clients. We’ve put together seven strategies for home insurance lead generation that focus more on relationship building and earning new business.

Make sure your Website is Up to Date and Mobile-Friendly.

Today, over 75% of web traffic is conducted on mobile devices. If web design and maintenance isn’t your strong suit, hire a web designer who can optimize your site for mobile devices. It’s also a great time to review your content and make sure it’s accurate. Many businesses are transitioning away from websites with multiple sub-pages requiring users to click multiple times and sift through information. Instead, the trend is to keep all important information on one page so that all someone needs to do is scroll to the right section of the page.

Home Insurance Lead Generation

Offer Free Home Insurance Tutorials

Using social media live streaming videos, offer short home insurance tips and tutorials. These aren’t sales pitches. They are general tutorials that are answering frequently asked questions about the home insurance buying process. You aren’t locking in a sale with this, but you are introducing yourself to the social media community and getting your name out there. Of course, include links or graphics with your contact information so that people can follow up.

Home Insurance Lead Generation

Participate in Alumni Databases

Think about your personal affiliations. Did you attend a college or university? Or maybe your high school has an active alumni community? Even some summer camps have alumni networks. Take advantage of these communities by joining and participating in them. There may be opportunities to offer special discounts for alumni as a way to boost your home insurance lead generation.

Home Insurance Lead Generation

Host a First-time Home-Buyer Webinar or Series

Whether in person or online, hosting a first-time home buyer series can be mutually beneficial to you and other home professionals in your network. With webinars and virtual meetings becoming more and more accessible, it’s even easier to organize these types of events and record them for later use. Serve as moderator and bring in local contractors, home inspectors, interior designers, mortgage companies and moving companies to talk about best practices when buying a new home. Use it as an opportunity to educate first-time home buyers in what to look for when buying home insurance. These are soft sale opportunities that will help you grow your business. It’s also a great way to connect with other professionals and build out your referral network.

Home Insurance Lead Generation

Connect with Home Insurance Agents in Neighboring States

Build partnerships with home insurance agents in your neighboring states. This is a great way to network, generally, but truly pays off when they have a client moving into your territory. Likewise, if you know of someone moving into their region, send them the lead.

Home Insurance Lead Generation

Be a Good Neighbor

Does your office have a storefront location? Connect with the business owners next door and in the neighborhood. Join any neighborhood business associations. Ask if you can leave business cards at their stores. Even if you don’t get immediate leads, you’re building name recognition in your community.

Home Insurance Lead Generation

Build up Your Professional Networks

One way to build up your professional networks is to partner with other types of insurance agents. Do you only sell home insurance? Connect with an auto or life insurance agent and form a referral network. Keep a monthly lunch date and come to the table with one or two leads for each other.

For home insurance lead generation, two types of professionals will always come through: accountants and realtors. Accountants are great because they are helping people keep an eye on their expenses. They may notice if a family’s home insurance prices are creeping up and can encourage homeowners to shop around for better rates. Having realtors in your network is solid gold in terms of home insurance lead generation since part of the homebuying process is securing home insurance. Especially when working with a first-time home buyer, a realtor’s guidance and referral will go a long way in securing you a new client.

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