Don’t be fooled into buying semi or non-exclusive telemarketing leads. These three indicators will tell you what type of lead you’re buying. 

Selling insurance has its good days and bad days, particularly in the beginning, which can get frustrating when you’re dealing with a bunch of nothing-burger telemarketing leads. 

You can work hard and make calls day in and day out, but if you’re buying non-exclusive leads, you’re just calling the same people other agents may have already talked to, which wastes time for you and the client. 

At HBW Leads, we’re the experts on exclusive telemarketing leads for autohome, and life insurance agents. Not only are ours double-verified, but they are also 100% exclusive leads. That means the leads you receive are never shared with anyone other than you. Each exclusive lead also contains all information discussed between the lead specialist and the prospect and noted with the preferred date and time that the prospect wishes to be contacted. There are no higher-quality exclusive leads out there. 

Sometimes agents get confused about what they’re buying, and sometimes companies aren’t clear (on purpose) about what they’re offering when they call a lead “exclusive,” so we wanted to take a moment to help you out.

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What are the three types of telemarketing leads?

There are three types of leads when it comes to exclusivity: exclusive, semi-exclusive, and non-exclusive. Here’s the lowdown on each kind:

  • Exclusive leads: Insurance lead providers using exclusive leads send buyer profiles to only one buyer. Often, they are priced higher than other prospects because of the exclusivity advantages.
  • Semi-exclusive leads: If you choose this lead type, you can expect competition because providers send them to a few buyers. They cost less than exclusive leads but pose more challenges.
  • Non-exclusive leads: Providers that sell non-exclusive leads offer them to many companies, giving consumers multiple buyer options. You won’t know how many agents have access to the same leads you have. 

You’ll get the best bang for your buck by buying exclusive telemarketing leads. Exclusive leads usually have higher purchase intent, making it easier to close deals. In addition, providers scout these prospects for you, so you won’t have to spend much time looking for qualified ones and evaluating them. Instead, you can spend more time hitting your targets. 

Pros and cons of exclusive telemarketing leads


  • They’re just for you – Exclusive leads are gathered just for you and your business.
  • They’re verified – With exclusive leads, you know that the contact information you receive is legitimate and accurate (i.e., not spam and not unsolicited). With HBW Leads, we even double-verify. First, the lead is reviewed by a lead specialist. Second, the lead is reviewed by a manager. With two sets of eyes reviewing every lead, we ensure you receive quality, exclusive leads ready to commit.
  • It’s consistent – When outsourcing exclusive leads, you’ll come to depend on a regular stream of leads.
  • It’s easy – There’s no data clean-up to do with exclusive leads since each lead has been verified already. All that’s left to do is the follow-up.


  • It costs money – Exclusive leads come with a cost, but it’s better than wasting time and money on leads that aren’t exclusive or double-verified. Many agents consider the cost insignificant or worthwhile, considering the time saved from not having to cold-call for leads or compete with other agents.

Buying insurance leads that are qualified & exclusive to your agency keeps your pipeline full and grows your book.

Stop throwing away your hard-earned money on poor quality and hyper-competitive leads. Our leads allow you to spend less time prospecting and more time doing what matters – like selling policies. Learn more.