Stuck in a rut using the same auto insurance sales techniques? Check out these 7 auto insurance sales tips to freshen up your strategies this year.

Whether you’re a new auto insurance sales agent or you’ve been in the business for decades, it’s always good to take a moment and reflect on your sales strategies. With so many resources available at your fingertips, new ideas, technologies, and processes are just a click away. Here are some tried, true auto insurance sales tips for 2021.

Use Emotions to Your Advantage

Coming off a particularly emotion-heavy year, you have an opportunity to use people’s emotions to your advantage. With auto insurance sales the emotion of fear is especially powerful when trying to connect with your prospect. Ask them what they would do if they were suddenly saddled with a $2000 repair bill after an accident. What would they do if it was more?  Another emotion to hone in on is the anxiety of having to deal with another party’s insurance. If there’s an accident with another vehicle and your prospect is underinsured or uninsured, they’ll have to deal with the other party’s insurance company directly instead of letting their insurance take care of everything. The safety net that car insurance provides is not just financial, it’s emotional.

Best Auto Insurance Sales Tips

Automate your Lead Generation

With all the best auto insurance sales tips out there, don’t forget the passive streams to secure new leads. Using passive techniques like online advertisements, direct mailers, and even text messaging campaigns are a great way to save time and drum up new leads. The more channels you have to fill your sales funnel, the more time you can spend on building relationships with your prospects and closing the deal. Another resource at your fingertips is to purchase verified leads in your sales region. Let auto insurance sales experts at HBW Leads handle the time consuming task of cold calling, so you can focus on your other lead generating channels. With your funnel filled, use your time to get to know your leads and turn them into customers.

BestAuto Insurance Sales Tips

Offer Fewer Choices

Many prospects will become overwhelmed by the number of options they can choose from when selecting auto insurance policies. A great auto insurance sales tip is to weed out options for your prospective customers to make it easier for them to focus on the one or two policies that may be a better fit for them.

BestAuto Insurance Sales Tips

Educate Your Prospects

Explaining all of the details of an auto insurance quote to your prospect is not just the right thing to do, it will also help earn the trust of your prospect and clinch the sale. Taking the time upfront to explain terminology and what certain numbers and words mean can go a long way in building a relationship with your prospect. It’s very disarming if you tell your prospect that “regardless of whether or not you buy from me, I want you to have all of the information you need to make the right decision.”

Best Auto Insurance Sales Tips

Get Social to Reach Local

Take advantage of how hyper local you can target Facebook Ads and throw a few dollars into an ad campaign focusing on your specific region. Especially when folks aren’t meeting and gathering in public, social media is a great way to participate in your community and your assigned regions to get to know your customers and prospects.

Best Auto Insurance Sales Tips

Offer Referral Bonuses to Your Existing Customers

Reach out to your existing customers and let them know about your new promotions. They might not be in the market, themselves, but sweeten the deal by offering them something for their referrals. This can be in the form of gift cards, some kind of swag, a percentage off their premium. Level up by offering tiered incentives. Maybe the first referral is a gift card, but five referrals gets them a voucher for a weekend stay at a nice hotel. Turn your customers into your biggest referral source.

Best Auto Insurance Sales Tips

Offer a Free Webinar

With many events being cancelled or postponed in this last year, there might not be as many opportunities to get in front of people, but there are always opportunities to network within your community. Offer a free webinar to your neighbors and advertise it in a neighborhood group chat or online community. Everyone is accustomed to video conferencing these days, so dropping a Zoom link or livestreaming a Q&A session on Facebook or Instagram has a low barrier to entry. Market the event as an “Ask the Expert” opportunity for people in your neighborhood to ask questions about buying auto insurance. Be their resource and demystify the insurance buying process. You can even team up with a home or life insurance professional in your network and turn the event into a great soft selling opportunity.

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