Learn five quick strategies for converting leads to customers using common sense, technology, and persistence!

An insurance sales lead is only as good as its ability to become an actual sale. When converting leads to customers, there are plenty of techniques and strategies to win over new business. It’s always good to review (and document) your current process for converting leads to customers before incorporating new technologies and systems that can improve your efficiency and sales numbers. By tracking each adjustment to your process you’ll have a better sense of what works for your business. Here are five techniques and strategies for converting leads to customers and why they may be worth adopting into your own process.

Identify Your Value Right Away

Don’t hide your light under a bushel. As soon as you engage with a lead you should be showcasing your value. Can you save your customers money on insurance premiums? Do you have the most comprehensive plans available? Does your policy offer peace of mind, unlike any other offering? Then claim it and claim it right away. There’s no time to play coy when your purpose is converting leads to customers. 

Make It Easy

In an age where so much more business is taking place online, you need to make signing up, setting appointments, and getting quotes as easy as possible. In every website, email, or social media post, there should be at least one link that lets leads reach out to you in some way. There are some great web-based calendar tools like Calendly, that let your leads schedule appointments directly onto your calendar without the need for a back and forth scheduling communication. If you use an online form, keep it simple. The goal here is to reduce the barrier of contact and to connect with leads using their preferred method. Look for ways to incorporate text messaging, one-click contact options, and simple forms. 

Respond Quickly

Don’t leave your leads hanging. If they’ve taken action by clicking a link, filling out a form, leaving a message, or sending an email, you need to get back to them ASAP! The clock starts ticking from when they first took action and the best practice is to get back to your leads within 24 hours. Many customer relationship management (CRM) software make this easy with auto-replies you can tailor to your needs. But even if you send an auto-reply out right away, be sure to follow up personally soon after. A timely response builds consumer confidence and goes a long way in converting leads to customers. 

Leverage Different Types of Content

Emails are great and indispensable in connecting with leads. But it’s good to think outside the box when coming up with content you can use in converting leads to customers. In addition to emails consider a weekly, biweekly, or monthly newsletter filled with general educational content about your industry. Use your social media channels to promote video content, whether it’s pre-recorded or livestream, use video content to showcase your authenticity and expertise in your field. Partner with adjacent industries and make an interview series. One example if you sell auto insurance, would be to do an interview with a collision center repair tech. In this video, offer leads and customers general car repair information and tips for what to do if their car was damaged in an accident.

A general note about content is to try to keep it evergreen, meaning that it’s not tied to a specific date or time and that you can use it over and over again. Timely content is great, too, but be mindful of ways you can repurpose posts and videos 

Nurture Your Leads (No Matter How Old!)

You’re going to encounter leads that interact with you at varying paces. Sometimes there will be a lead who is ready to take action immediately (we love those), and other times you’ll get a lead who is just starting their research process and not ready to commit. No matter the pace, all leads need nurturing. Some ways to nurture leads involve targeting your content and outreach based on the type or persona of a lead. Layer your approach with multiple touchpoints using channels like email, social media, and phone calls to connect with your lead at every step of the sales cycle. 

Converting leads to customers can be challenging, especially if you don’t have a good pool of leads to work with. Let HBW Leads help you by finding double-verified leads specifically for you. Their technology and insurance experts work tirelessly to get you and your business the best leads so you can spend time nurturing the relationship and closing the deal.