3 LinkedIn lead generation tips to help you reignite those cold leads and close more insurance sales.

In the next 60 seconds, Twitter users will post around 300,000 Tweets. TikTok has one billion monthly users. Social media platforms offer a truly staggering number of people that could be your potential audience. And while there is undoubtedly a place for the more “social” side of insurance sales, LinkedIn lead generation tips can help you reach people on the B2B social media platform that may provide more effective networking opportunities. 

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for lead generation, especially with the way social media has opened up new approaches to building an audience. With over 810 million users and more than 57 million companies represented, it can be tempting to go wild and send messages en-masse to business owners and executives. But stop right there before you make some big insurance agent mistakes — that’s not a good strategy. 

To ensure the best chance of success, take full advantage of LinkedIn’s features; do research on your existing and cold leads and allow them to research you in return before you start casting the widest net possible. 

LinkedIn lead generation tips

3 LinkedIn lead generation tips to start using right away

1. Create a strong LinkedIn profile

If you’re working for an agency, chances are it already has its own company page. But it’s your personal profile that your future customers will look at. Just as you want to learn more about your leads to sell to them, they will also be curious about whether or not they want to work with you. Ensure that your profile paints you in a good light as an insurance agent — where typical job seekers might list previous work experience, you can describe how you satisfied the needs of previous clients by tailoring the benefits of your policies to their specific situation. This can help interested leads gain confidence in your capabilities. 

2. Engage with the social media aspect of the platform

LinkedIn has a notable “connections” system that’s instrumental for building your presence and connecting with leads. After you’ve created a strong profile, start building connections with people you already have a relationship with, such as current and former colleagues, clients, other business professionals, classmates, and even friends. This establishes your credibility because you have a network of people that trust you and are willing to connect with you. As LinkedIn displays degrees of connection, you can use this to learn more about all of your leads — cold leads, warm leads, and those leads that have gone cold. 

You could discover that you have a second-degree connection with one of your leads (i.e., you’re both connected to a particular person), which you could then use to connect with them.

Additionally, LinkedIn also allows you to post original content and join groups. These could be fantastic ways to learn more about your leads — what kind of content do they post? Share? Comment on? Learn as much as you can about them in order to tailor your sales pitch to their needs.

In turn, when you post regularly, add to conversations, or congratulate people on job promotions, those connections who’ve grown cold can see what you’re about. They can see that you’re a caring person who is happy when a colleague succeeds or that you have a unique insight on insurance-related topics.

3. Utilize built-in tools 

Technology is always there to make your life easier. LinkedIn offers a wide variety of search filters that allow you to identify qualified leads effectively. You can search based on connections, locations, current companies, past companies, industries, and more. If you’re only targeting HR professionals, medium to large-sized companies, or companies based in Connecticut, for example, the search filters can help you narrow down your list. You might find that you have existing leads that don’t fit your criteria, which signals that you should focus your efforts on the leads that do.

You can consider a LinkedIn Sales Navigator subscription if you want more advanced search features. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a SaaS platform that allows you to create personalized search algorithms that leverage the data connected to LinkedIn’s users. It also offers CRM integration and a lead builder to help you further streamline the process of researching your leads.

The key takeaway? Start applying these LinkedIn lead generation tips today!

It can be hard to know if you’re doing the right amount of legwork to ensure that any leads that you’ve talked to, but have fallen out of touch can still be qualified and ready to move farther into your sales funnel. By applying these LinkedIn lead generation tips, you’ll find the prospecting process easier and faster. When you put in the work to optimize your profile and establish your professional presence, the results will follow — you’ll find yourself making follow-up calls to warmer leads instead of endlessly chasing after cold leads. 

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