Stop making your sales work more challenging than it needs to be. Use warm telemarketed leads and watch your sales flourish.

Warm telemarketed leads are like wonderful little presents on your birthday morning. For those unfamiliar, these leads are people who have stated interest in home insurance. They are ready to learn more about the types of policies you offer. All that is left for you to do is close them. Warm telemarketed leads can fit into any sales pipeline. But not only are warm telemarketer leads a “nice to have;” they’re essential to creating a successful home insurance sales pipeline.

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Learn how warm telemarketed leads help your insurance sales pipeline

Having a firm grasp of your sales pipeline is paramount to all sales managers. And there are a number of ways warm leads can enhance your pipeline and the overall morale of your sales team.

A Boost to Your Sales Pipeline Velocity

Your sales pipeline velocity is the speed by which qualified leads to move through a sales pipeline and generate revenue. Calculating your pipeline velocity can vary depending on the pipeline’s number of stages and other factors. Regardless of how you calculate it, warm telemarketed leads put your sales velocity into overdrive. It skips the entire process of prospecting. These leads have a higher chance of closing with each step they move further down your pipeline.

There will always be some percentage of leads that don’t close. The difference you’ll see with warm qualified leads is that your loss rate will be significantly lower. Warm leads keep your sales pipeline moving smoothly.

It Takes the Hard Work of Prospecting Out of the Equation

Your sales team spends a portion of its week prospecting for new leads. With warmed and qualified leads, your sales team can allocate more time to closing deals and boosting company revenue. For small sales teams, this is invaluable because a large portion of the prospecting is done for you.

Qualified Warm Leads as a Training Tool

Do you have new sales trainees that lack experience? Why not let them get some experience closing deals by calling on a qualified telemarketed lead? Closing deals will boost their confidence and help them frame the sales process positively. Prospecting can be difficult for most veteran salespeople, so assisting trainees to experience the glory of making a sale is priceless. At the same time, it might be a right of passage for new salespeople to experience rejection while cold calling. However, it doesn’t need to be all doom and gloom. Mindset and attitude are vital to becoming a successful salesperson. Letting your trainees taste success early on will help them discover their passion for sales. It can also weed out the trainees who lack the drive and passion for home insurance sales.

Focused Prospecting & Dialing

Warm telemarketed leads help your team stay efficient. For example, instead of prospecting their entire list, your sales team can zero in on prospects with a better chance of closing. This could mean prospecting more affluent zip codes and new housing developments or calling on previous customers with policies renewing soon.

Develop the room to experiment and improve your sales process

Qualified telemarketed leads can free up so much time for you and your team that you’ll now be able to perform sales experiments.

Sales experiments are any new ideas for prospecting, quoting, and closing. Unfortunately, most sales teams can’t find the time to experiment, but with your new warm telemarketed leads, you can.

Explore new prospecting tactics. Here are a few examples:

  • Direct mail campaigns with QR Codes
  • Live social media events where team members run quotes for viewers
  • Set up breakfast meetings with real estate brokers and developers
  • Create a new email marketing sequence 
  • Plan a cold call rush. You and your team plan to cold call for a set time. This could be hours or even an entire day. Offer your team prizes for establishing qualified leads and closing deals.

Try some of these experiments with existing customers:

  • Offer returning customers gifts or discounts 
  • Ask for referrals from existing customers with incentives for every friend you write a policy for

Warm telemarketing leads can be a game changer for any home insurance sales team. They can boost your team’s morale and help them reach sales milestones.

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