There are numerous types of lead generation, but some are more helpful than others when it comes to selling insurance.

There are many types of lead generation strategies for selling insurance. In the right situation, most of them can be effective. However, the best and most effective approach will depend on your specific business and target audience. For example, large soft drink companies may find their sales increase when they run television advertisements during big sporting events. That means it’s a good source of lead generation for them. For insurance sales, there might be better ways to use your marketing and lead generation dollars. 

In fact, some of the most common types of lead generation give you a very generous return on your investment. They help you reach your audience and set you up for success. Here are some of the strategies that are proven to work efficiently and effectively.

types of lead generation

Discover 5 of the most common and effective types of lead generation strategies for insurance sales

1. Search engine optimization (SEO)

Optimizing your website and online content for relevant keywords can improve your search engine rankings. This can make potential customers more likely to find your website when searching for insurance-related information or services. 

Pro Tips for SEO:

  • When considering what keywords to use on your site, view what a customer might search for. What words would they use? Then use those phrases within a page.
  • Use a different keyword phrase on every page.
  • Incorporate your researched phrase in your written content naturally. Never stuff your keywords on your page. It should be readable like a normal website.

2. Paid Advertising

Using paid platforms like Google Ads or social media ads can help you reach a wider audience and target specific demographics or interests. Paid advertising is a fascinating space for insurance companies. With so many different social media platforms to advertise on, you can pick and choose to put your time and money into the one that suits your personality and makes it easier to connect with your audience. 

Pro Tips for Paid Advertising:

  • Shop around. With so many platforms, you should be able to find the right place to advertise at the right price.
  • Feel free to experiment with different types of content. Try variations on your ads. Once you have one that sticks, repeat the process.
  • Agents can now run ads on their own Linkedin profiles. This could be a great way to showcase offers or deals for people they connect with on Linkedin.

3. Email Marketing

Collecting email addresses and sending targeted email campaigns allows you to reach out to potential customers and nurture leads over time. Email feels dated, but it’s one of the cost-effective ways to generate business

Email Marketing Pro Tips:

  • One of the keys to successful email marketing is to be consistent. If you plan on sending out a monthly email newsletter, send it out every month. You will get more unsubscribes when you send inconsistent emails. 
  • Remember your call to action! After reading your email, people need to know what to do next. It’s best to put a clear call to action at the bottom of your email.

4. Referrals

Encouraging satisfied customers to refer their friends and family to your insurance business is one of the best types of lead generation out there. We’ve mentioned this before, but creating referral engines can exponentially increase the amount of information you receive each month. You can even establish partnerships with other companies that serve similar customers.

Pro Tips for Referrals:

  • Take your best clients out for breakfast on their birthdays. During breakfast, ask them how you could improve your business and whom they would contact if they were in your shoes. This type of discussion will inevitability lead to referrals. 
  • Have a referral type in mind. Want to sell more policies to high-income individuals? Ask one of your clients with a high net worth which one of their friends could use to help with a new approach to insurance.

5. Networking

Building relationships with other businesses and professionals in your community can provide opportunities for referral leads. In addition, they can help you establish your insurance business as a trusted and reputable source of information and services.

Networking Pro Tips:

  • Here is an excellent idea for car insurance folks. If you have a sizable parking lot, consider hosting a monthly or quarterly car show where you invite community members to showcase their cars. This is an excellent opportunity to meet new people you know will all need car insurance policies.
  • CPAs and Lawyers are excellent connections to make. They have vast networks and can introduce you to many influential people.

No matter what type of lead generation you use, deploying multiple strategies to keep your sales pipeline full is best. 

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