Learn how small adjustments to your daily routine can improve sales performance and overall productivity. 

Who doesn’t want to improve sales performance? Every insurance agent at one time or another takes a moment to review their professional goals looking for ways to grow and improve. For some, improvement looks like big sweeping changes to strategies and tactics. But for many others, improvement comes in small doses.

Making minor tweaks to your routine can go a long way when you’re looking to improve sales performance and productivity. The best part about small changes is that they’re easier to implement and sustain. Here are seven life hacks to improve sales performance that can easily be incorporated into your routine. 

1. Get Up Early

Waking up early is a great strategy to improve sales performance because your productivity is often at its best first thing in the morning. Adding an extra hour (or two) to your morning routine will also allow you to make time for self-care like exercise and mindfulness which can put you in a better headspace before starting your workday. There are many phone apps, like Rise: Sleep + Energy Tracker, that can help you as you adjust your wake-up schedule.

2. Make a To-do List at the End of Each Day

Instead of just closing your laptop at the end of the day and rushing away from your workspace, take a moment to jot down a quick to-do list for the following day. Review your next day’s calendar and center your thoughts on the tasks you’d like to accomplish. In the morning, you’ll be glad to have a thoughtful and prioritized to-do list ready to go (while you’re waiting for your coffee to kick in). A beneficial by-product of this end-of-day task is a reflection of the day’s activities and a clean break from work. This helps delineate work/life balance which is especially important for agents working from home.

3. Do Administrative Work in Batches 

There are certain tasks for insurance agents that can be real time-sinks. Entering notes into CRM software, for instance, can clog up the day if you’re trying to make multiple phone calls in a short period of time. Rather than enter your contact notes after each call, consider entering them all at once at a designated time in the day. Administrative tasks like entering contact notes and sending follow-up emails can be done in batches at specific times in the day, instead of getting in the way of other productive work. By segmenting these tasks together, you improve efficiency which can improve sales performance.

4. Schedule Distraction Breaks

Distractions happen. You may be working from home and have the urge to cuddle with your dog. Or maybe you’re at the office and you hear someone talking about a viral video you want to check out. Denying yourself of the distraction completely will only make the matter worse. Schedule mini distraction breaks into your day and take your pup out for a backyard frolic, or check out the latest social media posts.

These mini-breaks can be structured into your calendar, or you can try using the Pomodoro method which involves taking small breaks depending on the amount of work you’ve accomplished in a particular time frame. There are web and mobile apps for the Pomodoro method.  

5. Adjust Your Notification Settings

Do you have a pop-up at the bottom of your screen every time a new email arrives in your inbox? It’s tempting to stop what you’re doing and read and respond to the new email, but if you get more than a few emails each hour this can ruin your productivity. Notification alerts on computers, mobile phones, and watches can be a blessing and a curse. Find ways to “snooze” your notifications using Do Not Disturb modes, or cutting them out altogether. Fewer interruptions will help improve sales performance. 

6. Perform a Weekly Review

Just like your end-of-the-day to-do list, a weekly review can be a great time to reflect on your workweek. This allows you to decompress at the end of the week, and prepare yourself for the week ahead. There are different methods for performing a weekly review. For some, it’s a simple written report tracking the progress, roadblocks, and remaining tasks of the week. Take advantage of your CRM software data to review things like call activity and contact stats. 

7. Meditation and Mindfulness 

Meditation and mindfulness practices may not sound like they can directly improve sales performance, but their indirect benefits are universally proven. Keeping your mind clear and calm is an excellent way to cope with daily stressors that can otherwise get in the way of your productivity. Start small with a short guided meditation at the beginning of each day. Or use meditation as a way to wind down at the end of a workday. There are countless online videos and mobile apps geared toward meditation so find one that works for you. 

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