Indecisive customers may come to the table confused, and you can warm them back up with support, honesty, and the confidence to close.

Is there any one way to know if your indecisive customers are ready to buy insurance? Well, if you’re cold calling, no. But if you’re purchasing exclusive leads, ones where the customers have shown interest and are expecting your call – then yes!

In many cases, indecisive customers are dying to make a choice; they just need the confidence to make it—something you can help them with as their agent if you’re listening closely.

But there are plenty of factors that will come into play, like whether they are shopping around or if they are just looking for a price. And then there’s the question of whether you pass the vibe check – do they want to work with you? If you’re working with an indecisive customer, you may need more time building rapport. 

Once you get a hold of qualified leads, start with your unique selling proposition (USP). Let them know what makes you stand out from a sea of competition. Whether you are working with agencies that have affordable pricing, flexible payment terms, or exceptional 24/7 support, communicate it with your prospects. 

Also, seek out their pain points. For example, are they shopping for home insurance, or are they seeking out second home STR insurance? You may come across many leads like these looking to insure a short-term rental, not their primary home. And if you get too caught up in discussing plans before asking the right questions, you’ll spend a lot of time confusing or boring them.

To make your prospects feel at ease, it’s essential to avoid dominating conversations. Your clients want to feel seen and heard. When you get the opportunity, ask open-ended questions. Doing so allows you to gather valuable information about your clients, understand their feelings, and follow their buying journey.

Additionally, asking open-ended questions gives you more time to warm up your leads and strengthen professional relationships. 

indecisive customers

If you want to start turning indecisive customers into insurance buyers, follow these steps:

1. Buy exclusive leads, like those you can get from HBW Leads, which are also double-verified. You’re guaranteed to close more deals with higher-quality leads.

2. Ask open-ended questions before making assumptions. Don’t assume that you know what the customer wants. Ask!

3. Identify your strengths and project them to the customer, even if it’s through friendly conversation. 

4. Learn about their lifestyle, including how they spend money, and then use that knowledge to help guide them to the right product.

5. Remember what you learned about your customer during your interaction and recall it later in the exchange.

6. If you can’t get an answer, ask a different way.

7. When they ask about price, don’t answer with a hard number. Instead, ask if they know what they want to spend.

8. Be honest with your customer at all times. Honesty will lead to a good relationship.

9. Be the expert in the room. It’s not hard to buy insurance online these days. Most people who want to work with a broker need help deciding between plans and navigating confusing jargon.

10. Don’t make assumptions based on gender, age, job title, education, income, or marital status.

11. If the customer seems overwhelmed, confused, or frustrated, ask them if they need help. If you talk over them, they may tune out and hang up.

12. Let the customer take control. You’re there to provide support, but let the customer make decisions.

In the end, your call will end in a sale, or an “I’ll get back to you.” Always let your indecisive customer know how to contact you if they have any questions or concerns.

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