These 9 tips can help you turn homeowners insurance leads into homeowners insurance clients.

Converting homeowners insurance leads into actual policyholders can be a daunting task. But, whether new to home insurance sales or a seasoned pro, you can always learn more. Below are nine ways you can convert more leads into sales.

homeowners insurance leads

Don’t let homeowners insurance leads slip through your fingers

1. Leads are opportunities to talk with someone. Empathize with your lead, and become active listeners. For example, buying homeowners insurance typically happens during significant life events, which can be as happy as a couple buying their first home. It’s also possible that your lead has recently divorced and purchased a new home. Listen to your lead, and access their needs. You may uncover some cross-selling opportunities and write some additional policies.

2. Listening is only one part of the equation. Next, you need to become an expert communicator. Become a student of human behavior and storytelling. Consider joining a public speaking club like Toastmasters. To become a top-performing salesperson, you’ll need to take your professional development to the next level.

3. One thing to absolutely avoid. Remove sales jargon and business speak from your vocabulary. Be mindful that your lead may not understand or know all the home insurance terms you do, so take the time to educate them. Again, this is an opportunity to build rapport. 

4. Build rapport. Leads want to trust you, so building rapport is a must. You should never pressure your customers into buying. Instead, focus on helping them find the right policy and coverage for their needs.

5. Explain thoroughly. It’s always a good idea to explain the sales process to the lead. Nothing is worse than a lead feeling like they are blind-sided by a fee or a step in the policy formation process.

6. Get to know them. Salespeople will often ask a lead, “How are you doing?” in the first 30 seconds of a phone call. This is a mistake. It’s too personal of a question to be asking your lead when you haven’t established rapport. Instead, get to know your lead first, then you can ask them how their day is.

7. Act quickly. To ensure that you’re closing more of your sales, you need to get into the habit of calling people quickly. Of course, this means that you’ll have to be able to prioritize your calls. Luckily, all of our leads at HBW are exclusive and qualified, so you won’t be wasting time. When you receive our lead alerts, it’s go time!

8. Call as soon as possible. It’s simple, the faster you call a lead back, the less likely you will annoy the lead. For example, our leads from HBW are expecting this call; they want to talk about home insurance. This is a golden opportunity to close a deal. So don’t let time pass by while a lead is hot.

9. Keep on dialing. Let’s pretend that your lead isn’t picking up the phone. You should try deploying the triple-dial method. 

The triple dial method:

  • Make your initial call and leave a voicemail
  • Immediately call the number back
  • Call one last time if they don’t pick up on the second call

The theory is that your lead probably won’t recognize your phone number, so calling three times shows the lead you have a sense of urgency. They may say, “Wow, this person calling me must want to talk with me.” As a result, triple-dialing can get you more pickups and help you convert more homeowners insurance leads.

Converting homeowners insurance leads can be a battle, but with the tips you learned in this article, you’ll increase your odds of closing the sale.

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