Learn 7 warm calling techniques that will transform how you approach prospecting.

Do you fear cold calling as much as author Jarod Kintz? He once said, “I hate cold calling. I like my phone calls warm, like meatloaf.” If you do, you’re in luck — these seven warm calling techniques will bring out your A-game.

With warm calling, you engage with leads who have already expressed interest in your products or services. As a result, you don’t have to worry about introductions or calling at a bad time. 

However, even though it’s a better option than cold calling, you still need to observe some best practices to achieve ideal results. So if you want to beat your monthly sales targets, here’s where to begin.

warm calling techniques

7 Warm calling techniques you can put into practice today

1. Determine good-fit clients. 

Even the best warm calling techniques won’t work on prospects who aren’t qualified clients. For this reason, it’s best to approach individuals and organizations that are similar to your best customers. 

If you don’t have them yet, create buyer personas. Doing so will help you identify qualified decision-makers quickly. To do this, you can review your existing customer base and identify similarities among them.

2. Research your prospects. 

In some respects, there are no completely cold calls. You can check out your prospects on LinkedIn and other social pages to learn about their needs and preferences. 

Find out if your potential client needs personal or corporate insurance. Afterward, research the prospect’s company size and existing policies. A few minutes of research can do wonders for your personalization efforts!

This strategy is also an ideal way to get over your cold-calling fears

3. Polish your opening lines. 

In both cold and warm calling, your opening lines can dramatically impact the success of your efforts. As a salesperson, your first task is to capture your prospect’s attention. You have about 10 – 20 seconds to achieve this. 

It’s a challenging task, but practice makes perfect. Remember to greet potential clients warmly, use their first names, and display empathy. It’s okay to make jokes or ask questions about topics unrelated to your offer.

4. Prepare a script.

One of the qualities of standout agents is the ability to stay focused. Remember, many factors can improve your chances of closing a sale, from confidence to authority to preparedness. As a salesperson, you should always meet each one.

Preparing a script can be the game-changer you need to keep your focus on a prospect. With a reliable guide by your side, you can quickly answer questions, share new information, and address objections. 

5. Ask open-ended questions. 

To make your prospects feel at ease, it’s essential to avoid dominating conversations. Your clients want to feel seen and heard.

When you get the opportunity, ask open-ended questions. Doing so allows you to gather valuable information about your clients, understand their feelings, and follow their buying journey.

Additionally, asking open-ended questions gives you more time to warm up your leads and strengthen professional relationships. 

6. Shift the conversation slowly. 

Once you’ve asked open-ended questions and learned everything you can about your prospect, the next ideal step would be to shift the conversation slowly. After actively listening to your customer, you can offer answers and solutions. 

However, be mindful of how long you take to speak. Be as concise as possible with your offers. Make sure that clients still rule 75% of the conversation. 

7. Schedule a follow-up.

It’s never a good idea to sell too soon — even if you’re dealing with a warm lead. You should expect to have several interactions before clients make up their minds about your products and services.

Never make a potential client feel rushed. When the time is right, you can ask for the sale. Until then, the best thing to do is to schedule a follow-up. 

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