As an insurance agent, you can use the best sales tools available to more easily achieve your goals.

“You don’t close a sale; you open a relationship if you want to build a long-term, successful enterprise.” When author Patricia Fripp wrote this, she expressed what so many customers have made clear: They want to know the people they’re doing business with, and they expect the same in return. Therefore, as an agent, a core component of your work is to build connections with prospects, and some of the best sales tools can help you simplify the process. 

Too many insurance agents make the mistake of getting pushy when it comes to sales. They overlook the importance of building that relationship, fearing it will take too long or the results won’t be worth the effort. The best agents know that’s not true. However, even if that was the case, some of the best sales tools on the market today can streamline the process. You can build those relationships while devoting more time and energy to your more promising leads. 

best sales tools

Discover the five best sales tools that will change the way you work 

You can choose from various solutions, software, and apps to capture and convert your leads. Many offer plenty of benefits and solutions to help salespeople. However, these five are some of the best sales tools to have in your toolbox.

1. HBW Leads

To stay ahead of the competition, you need to beef up your lead generation strategy. However, no matter how experienced you are, it is — and will always be — one of the most challenging parts of being a salesperson. You have to research your audience, create engaging content, and nurture potential customers.

Depending on your efforts, this process could take anywhere between a few days and a few years. Because of this, an insurance lead provider can do wonders for your business. 

But don’t just go to any third-party organization; choose one that offers exclusive, double-verified, high-quality prospects, like HBW Leads. Finally, you can spend less time looking for qualified leads and more time closing deals.

2. Levitate

Levitate believes that keeping in touch is essential when growing any business, providing users with the features they need to personalize every touchpoint.

With this software in your hands, you can enhance every client interaction. You can view the following information to improve your conversations:

  • Publicly-available details from Facebook and LinkedIn, like birthdays, connections, and interests
  • Details from previous meetings
  • Contact information, including phone numbers, email addresses, and social media pages

Levitate ensures you make the most out of every meeting with reminders and customizable tags and categories. You can even use it to generate custom emails for your prospects. 

3. Blitz Sales Software

You can’t give up on a potential lead too soon. Instead, you can run personalized email campaigns and automated messages for prospects in different stages of the sales process. Some of the best sales tools combine such features for maximum convenience, like Blitz Sales Software. This will help you save time on repetitive tasks.

4. PandaDoc

If you want to become a rockstar agent, you need to learn how to close deals. Once you’ve done all the leg work, asking for the sale should be the ideal next step. When the time is right, don’t hesitate to go for the sale. 

But don’t come unprepared! With PandaDoc, you can create, edit, and sign documents in one convenient dashboard. In addition, this tool provides users with e-signature, custom fields, and approval workflow features to generate signed paperwork within minutes. 

Use this software for proposals, quotes, contracts, and more. With this tool on your side, you can spend less time sorting through mountains of files and more time closing deals.

5. Glovebox

Glovebox is an app by agents for agents. The creators aim to simplify the process from front-end sales to post-bind service to cross-selling. 

The software is an excellent after-sales tool that guides customers with self-service options for bill payments, claims processes, policy changes, and additional insurance. Plus, they can use it for general communications with their agent.

Contrary to popular belief, the sales process does not end after a sale. You can convert customers into brand ambassadors by providing them with exceptional services. Doing so encourages them to spend more on your offers, refer family and friends to you, and leave positive reviews online.

Whether you’re a new or experienced agent, you’ll find that the best sales tools can do wonders for your career. After all, what’s stopping you from bringing the latest technology on your side, right?

Simplifying the sales process begins with identifying, attracting, and communicating with qualified prospects. Remember, the secret to successful conversion efforts is to add value for your clients, and you can’t do that if your products or services don’t address their pain points. 

Request a personalized package from HBW Leads now to fill your pipeline with quality leads and take your career to new heights!