These 5 sales follow-up statistics will motivate you to bring out your A-game.

Coach, realtor, and author Michelle Moore once said, “Not following up with your prospects is the same as filling up your bathtub without first putting the stopper in the drain.” If you want to beat your monthly sales target, this activity is a crucial step. There are sales follow-up statistics to prove it. 

The thing is, follow-up in sales doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. At the same time, it’s relatively easy, especially since you already have some relationship with the prospect, even if it’s minimal. But something as seemingly simple as following up can transform your business. 

sales follow up statistics

5 Sales follow-up statistics that can change your career

1. Half the time, buyers choose sellers that respond first. 

As with car races, internet services, and gaming experiences, speed matters in sales. The best moment to reach out to an interested prospect is as soon as possible — ideally within one hour. 

However, don’t attempt to sell right away. That’s one of the biggest insurance mistakes agents make. Instead, find out what clients want and promise to respond to their inquiries through their preferred platform. 

The goal of the first interaction with your client is to introduce yourself and be the first agent to respond to an inquiry. After this exchange, you will have to keep communicating with your prospects to maintain your funnel. 

2. 57% of your customers don’t want a pressure sale. 

Yes, they want you to return their calls or emails quickly. Yes, they want you to follow up. Just don’t be pushy. 57% of your contacts are more likely to buy from you if you don’t try to harass them into a sale. 

However, that begs the question, how much is too much? Or too little? If you want to make a sale, you’ll need to follow up. Just don’t make the next mistake in our list of sales follow-up statistics.

3. A whopping 44% of salespeople give up after one follow-up attempt.

At least they tried? After all, 48% of salespeople never make a follow-up call, to begin with. But their loss is your gain. You have to keep at it, though, since you’ll need to make not one, not two, but FIVE follow-up calls. That’s where 80% of sales happen. 

Remember, persistence is a crucial factor for sales success. Before making a sale, you’ll have to send quotes, answer questions, address objections, and negotiate prices. These are all part of the relationship-building process.

It’s also worth noting that you shouldn’t cut ties with a client after closing a sale. You can use such connections to ask for referrals or attempt upselling and cross-selling. 

4. Follow-ups with 2 to 3 emails.

Email marketing is one of the most convenient ways to reach massive audiences. However, some salespeople don’t send follow-up emails. That’s a big mistake. 

Sending a follow-up email boosts your chances of getting a reply. However, be careful not to overdo it. Two or three follow-ups using this platform should be enough. Quality over quantity is the key here. 

5. It takes email recipients an average of two days to respond to a message.

Besides choosing quality over quantity, there’s another golden rule in sending emails. It usually takes potential clients two days to respond to an email.

What does this figure mean for agents? It means you don’t want to look pushy or intrusive by sending a follow-up email daily. Instead, give your prospects time to read, understand, and reply to your message. 

How else can you improve your sales follow-up statistics?

Your sales follow-up statistics largely depend on the quality of the leads you have in your pipeline. So, naturally, if your prospects have no use for your products or services, it would be challenging to convert them. 

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With the highest quality leads on your side, your follow-up efforts would instantly boost your sales and conversion rates. Request a custom package now to become a superstar agent!