Cold calling insurance leads is more effective than many salespeople realize. But there’s an even better approach.

Cold calling insurance leads has been part of the game since they invented home telephones, nearly 100 years after Ben Franklin co-created the first insurance company in 1752, the Philadelphia Contributionship. I mean, I can’t be sure about that, but home phones were available before cars were, so they had an easier way to sell insurance than going door-to-door.

Cold calling insurance leads

Discover 9 ways to master cold calling insurance leads

1. Conquer Your Fears

Cold calling insurance leads is nobody’s favorite past-time, but it can be a delightful challenge if you want it to be! Of course, depending on how old you are, it might not even be in your blood to pick up the phone and call someone. Cold-texting, that’s a thing too! And it works OK on other younger generations, but as we know, talking directly to someone closes the deal faster. If you want to conquer your cold-calling fears, read the post below.

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2. Invest in Exclusive Leads

The best way to get results in sales is to have the best leads. At a slightly more premium price, HBW’s warm, exclusive, and double-verified insurance leads are also satisfaction-guaranteed. If you’re unsatisfied with a lead at any time, a credit can be requested. These leads are waiting for you to call them; the sooner, the better. That means more people are answering your call and eager to give you a sale. 

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3. Focus on Results

Beginner salesfolk might think cold calling insurance leads is a thing of the past. However, recent statistics show that a whopping 82% of consumers have accepted meetings after several discussions that began with a cold call. If you’re sure cold calling won’t work and are trying to talk your way out of it, test a few methods and see which one closes more deals.

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4. Avoid Common Mistakes

In every profession, there are mistakes you can make in your job, and sales is no different. The thing about sales is that you tend to speak to people the way you like to be spoken to. However, we don’t all like the same things, which is why listening to your customer is the most important thing you can do. They will lay out their pain points, so you can solve them with your products. But only if you give them room to talk.

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5. Write Scripts and Determine Which Works Best

With the proper techniques and resources, your cold calling scripts can get leads to call you back faster, giving you more time to focus on closing the deal. In the article below, we’ve put together strategies to help you build great insurance cold calling scripts and improve your process for cold calling insurance leads. Don’t use just one script, though; try a few and see which works!

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6. Leave Better Voicemails

More and more people are letting their phone calls go to voicemail these days. This is especially true when they don’t recognize a phone number. Just because a call goes to voicemail doesn’t mean your lead is dead. You have an excellent opportunity to offer your lead or client information and make them curious to hear more. Having a good sales voicemail script is crucial.

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7. Treat Warm Leads Different Than Cold Leads

One of the biggest mistakes when cold calling insurance leads is treating everyone equally. Cold leads are people who have never contacted your agency or shown any interest in your products. Therefore, it will take more time, effort, and resources to nurture these audiences into potential clients. However, note that cold leads may also be qualified prospects; they simply take a different approach to nurture than warm leads.

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8. Work On Your Conversation Skills

We’ve already talked about being a better listener, but what other skills could you develop while cold calling insurance leads that could transfer to all of your future conversations?

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9. Imitate The Most Successful Salespeople You Know

Have you ever watched the Wolf of Wallstreet, or know the story behind Jordan Belfort? Jordan was a master seller; he could have sold milk to a cow farmer. And by watching Jordan, all of his salespeople became rich. Of course, the story doesn’t end well, but as long as you’re modeling after more ethical salespeople, you’re next in line to close more sales.

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If cold calling still gives you chills, lessen your anxiety by getting exclusive warm leads from HBW Leads. Our specialists call on your behalf to capture ideal prospects before you ever talk to them, so you can focus on the next stage of converting them into clients and hitting your sales targets. No other agent has access to your list.

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