Five sales rep introduction email tips to help you build a relationship with your leads and prospects to move them along in your pipeline.

A sales rep introduction email sets the tone for your relationship with a client! No pressure! All kidding aside, there are strategies you can use to strengthen your introduction email to get your clients interested. Your goals are simple: get your leads and prospects to open the email, read it, and take action. Here are five sales rep introduction email tips to help you build a relationship with your leads and prospects and move them along in your sales pipeline.

5 Sales Rep Introduction Email Tips

1. Take Advantage of the Subject Line

The subject line of your sales rep introduction email is a solid gold opportunity to make an initial impression and grab a reader’s interest. If you’re using your introduction email to generate leads, using generic but evocative subjects will be your best bet. A subject line like “These five mistakes will drive up your auto insurance premium,” or “Question about your current insurance coverage,” will get someone to open your email. The trick with these types of emails is to pique the reader’s curiosity so they’ll open up the email.

If the prospect is already qualified but this is your first personal connection, the subject line should reflect that as well. Keep it light with “Hi Bob, hoping to save you money on insurance premiums this year,” or “Heard you were looking for ways to reduce insurance costs. Let’s talk.” If you have a common connection or a referral, include that in a subject line. “Hi Bob, Joe Smith thought we should connect.”

5 Sales Rep Introduction Email Tips

2. Drop a Personal Connection 

If your lead or prospect came through a referral, start with that. Even if the lead wasn’t through a referral source, what else might you have in common? Did you grow up in the town they live in? Were your highschool sports teams rivals? A fun personal connection goes a long way in breaking the ice and building a personal connection and trust.

5 Sales Rep Introduction Email Tips

3. Explain Your “Why”

Do you get excited about saving people money? Do you love hearing the joy in someone’s voice when they reduce their premiums enough to be able to take a nice vacation? Sharing your “why” is a helpful first step in building trust with new clients. In your sales rep introduction email, get to the reason you’re reaching out by explaining why you love what you do. What makes your job worth it? Why do you like helping people and their families?
Some agents like to create brief introduction videos that they post on YouTube or other social media. These are great opportunities to explain your passion for your career in more detail. You can link this video to your sales rep introduction email with a short description that says, “I’ve put together a short video explaining why I love what I do so that folks can get to know me a little better.”

4. Be Concise

In general, the shorter the better! Nearly half of all emails are read on mobile devices these days, so keep that in mind when you type up your drafts. Get rid of filler phrases and extra words. If there’s something you absolutely need to include but it’s text-heavy, consider linking it out as a PDF or website. Your format should be a version of this: greeting, personal connection (if applicable), purpose, call to action. The ideal email copy length is between 50 – 125 words. And remember, it’s okay if you can’t get every detail out in one email. You want to continue the conversation.

5. Make it Easy to Get in Touch

It might seem obvious but having correct contact information in your email is essential. Not only should your lead or client be able to reply to your email, they should also be able to find your phone number easily and call you. Better yet, include a link to a web-based scheduling software like Calendly that allows prospects and clients to schedule appointments directly onto your calendar without the need for a back-and-forth phone or email tag. Make sure any included links are fully functional by testing them first.

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