Which qualities of a great salesperson do you have? Learn the importance of improving and demonstrating these fifteen qualities and grow your business.

Understanding your strengths and weaknesses is essential in the insurance sales industry. It helps a salesperson lean into their talents while finding growth opportunities. Self-awareness is the key to improving your own qualities. When looking at the qualities of a great salesperson, which ones do you notice first? Consider the list below of 15 qualities of a great salesperson. How many of these qualities do you already have? Which ones do you want to work on? Keep a running list of qualities you possess and ones you’d like to harness better.

1. Empathy

Being able to put yourself in another person’s shoes is one of the greatest qualities of a great salesperson because it means you are naturally talented at building relationships. You are able to understand where a lead or client is coming from and what hesitations or concerns they might have before signing on the dotted line. Empathy, though a natural quality, can also be learned through active listening and role-playing exercises. Seek out someone in your office or professional network who is naturally empathetic and observe them in action.

2. Confidence

Fake it ‘til you make it. Confidence is funny in that if you don’t have it, but start acting like you do, you’ll soon start to have it. If confidence is one of the qualities of a great salesperson that you’re trying to improve, find exercises that work for you. One way to improve your confidence is to keep a compliment journal. Begin and end each day by writing down some compliments about yourself both professionally and personally. When you are feeling less confident, review your compliments in your journal for an added boost.

3. Networking ability

Being able to navigate a crowd both in person and virtually is one of the most valuable qualities of a great salesperson. A great salesperson will turn on the charm and network with everyone, from the regulars at the local coffee shop to the keynote presenters at a professional development conference. If networking makes you cringe or uncomfortable, try taking a Toastmasters class or an improv comedy workshop. Both teach you how to think on your feet which is a key in networking conversations.

4. Reliability

Do you show up when you say you will? Or have you been known to drop the ball on a project or sales deal? Consistency and reliability is a key characteristic in great salespeople. One way to recommit to reliability is to understand your work bandwidth or capacity. Don’t overpromise and underdeliver. Build a strong track record with your colleagues and clients so they come to depend on you and want to work with you again in the future.

5. Enthusiasm

Having passion and energy toward insurance sales is one of the easiest qualities of a great salesperson to observe. When a salesperson is enthusiastic about their product or offering, it becomes contagious to the client. Being an enthusiastic salesperson also keeps you engaged in your career field, striving to grow even more.

6. Authenticity

Fake it ‘til you make it may work for confidence, but it won’t work for everything else. Clients and colleagues can spot a disingenuous remark or mannerism a mile away. It’s a major turn-off and will cost you more than just a sale. Being authentic and truthful might not always get you the deal but it will earn you the respect of your clients and help build business relationships.

7. Curiosity

Curiosity inspires innovation. It’s the curious salespeople who dig deeper to learn more about their clients and their needs. Curiosity is especially helpful when implementing new processes, software, and technology. Being excited to learn is a major asset for salespeople.

8. Agility

Can you turn on a dime and change sales tactics? How do you cope with obstacles that get in your way at work? Agility is one of the most important qualities of a great salesperson, especially in recent years when the industry has had to adapt to more virtual meetings and communications. Agility is also useful when working with new customers since you’re able to pivot the conversation as you learn more information about them.

9. Communication skills

Being an active listener and having effective communication skills is essential for being a successful salesperson. It’s not just listening to what your customers say it’s listening to how they say it. Matching a customer’s tone and energy is an effective way to build rapport and earn trust.

10. Resiliency

Not all deals go smoothly. How you react to the losses is just as important as how you react to the wins. Being able to dust yourself off and try again is one of the essential qualities of a great salesperson. It shows determination and a willingness to learn and grow from your mistakes. Don’t mistake resiliency for pestering a customer even after they’ve given you their final answer. Resiliency isn’t about being pushy, it’s about reflecting on the experience and rebounding for the next one.

11. Patience

Sometimes you have to play the long game in sales. It can be easy to lose steam when nurturing a lead takes longer than expected. But with patience and good follow-up habits, the long game can prove beneficial. Being patient doesn’t mean being passive. Aging leads still require consistent follow-up.

12. Ambition

Setting and pursuing goals is a hallmark for successful salespeople. Ambitious salespeople are the ones who continue to challenge themselves and commit taking on more responsibility as they grow within their profession. Take time out of your day to day to reflect on your mid-range and long-term goals. What are the action steps you will take to achieve them?

13. Optimism

Happy people attract happy people. Optimism is one of the most needed qualities of a good salesperson. Especially for one’s own mental health! Choose positivity in your professional life. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Life is too short to be cutthroat, mean, and negative. And as the saying goes, you catch a lot more flies with honey than vinegar.

14. Data-driven

Numbers don’t lie. By keeping accurate records and tracking sales data, a salesperson has the evidence they need to successfully deliver their sales pitches. Follow the numbers and use them to support your case. Having good customer relationship management (CRM) software is key in capturing and using sales data.

15. Resourceful

How prepared are you for your next meeting? If you had to pause, the answer isn’t good. Being prepared and resourceful are key qualities of a great salesperson. They show a sign of respect to your colleagues and customers since you won’t be wasting their time. Resourcefulness also demonstrates competency and experience in your industry and aids in building new client relationships.

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