Check out these five fun games to play with your insurance sales team that double as objection handling training.

Managing a team of insurance agents is equal parts science and magic. A mistake that many managers make is not providing enough objection handling training to their agents. Simple role-playing is a typical part of every insurance sales agent’s training, and it’s invaluable. But group activities and games are a great supplement since they allow your sales team to learn from each other, share ideas, and compare strategies.

Another benefit for playing objection handling training games with your sales team is to bring together junior and senior agents and build comradery among your sales team. Even if you manage a team remotely, there may be an opportunity for an in-person retreat where these exercises prove helpful. Virtual team-building is also an option, and most games can be tailored to fit the virtual format. Here are five objection handling training games to start playing with your sales team.

Objection Handling Training Games

1. An Objections Contest

Challenge your sales team to think of common insurance sales objections. Write each objection on an index card and shuffle all of the cards. Have your agents take turns responding to each objection in a round-robin style. If an agent struggles with an answer, use it as an opportunity for group discussion. If an agent answers with a superb response, be sure to highlight it in front of the other agents. Ask members of your team to take turns being the scribe to record great objection responses to be shared with everyone afterward.

2. Sales Call recording Bingo

Create bingo cards with various objection types and response techniques. Play recorded sales calls for your team. As objections and responses occur, your team can fill up their respective bingo cards. Get your team excited by offering some small prizes like a gift card or an afternoon off. Example objection bingo squares could be, “Mail me information,” “Let me think about it,” “It’s too expensive,” “Let me talk to my kids/spouse about this,” and “I’m happy with my current provider.”

This version of Bingo is a fun game to shake up the regular training activities.  It also helps agents listen carefully to sales calls and be able to identify objections faster and pivot to a correct response. Some response bingo squares could be, “I hear you…” “I’m glad to hear you’re already working with a provider,” “Acting now will lock in this promotional rate,” “Tell another customer’s success story,” and “Illustrate how the customer could use savings.”

3. Movie Time

Pop the popcorn and wheel in the media cart! (Do those still exist?) Have a movie day with your sales team by spending time reviewing some films with strong sales scenes. Films like Glengarry Glen Ross, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Big Short, and even Tommy Boy have great clips to analyze as part of objection handling training. YouTube is a great source of shorter clips and compilations. Give your sales team a buzzer or bell and have them buzz or ring any time they notice a sales technique or common objection during the film. Pause the clip and talk about what works and what doesn’t and why.

4. Play the “Yes, And” Game

Divide your sales agents into two teams. A player from each team stands in the center and begins a simple scene. It doesn’t have to be about sales at all. The goal is to keep the scene going. The only rule is that each player must respond with “yes, and” while building onto the scene. This exercise teaches agents how to think on their feet and how to keep a conversation going.  It also helps train agents to listen to and acknowledge their customers which is a major step in building rapport and trust.

5. Play the Questions Game

Like, “Yes, And,” the Question game involves two scene partners building a conversation. The only rule is that both players must only speak in questions. Now, this certainly isn’t something you would mirror in your sales calls and meetings. However, it does teach each player how to listen carefully to each other and get the other player talking. Keeping a conversation flowing and asking thoughtful questions are excellent skills to learn during objection handling training.

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