Harness the power of friendly competition and boost your insurance agents’ productivity with these motivational sales games.

If you’ve ever seen a bunch of salespeople out at a bar after work for pub trivia, you know that competition is fierce among these folks. Why not harness the power of motivational sales games to keep your team engaged and on track? Most sales managers will use different types of motivational sales games to generate the spark of excitement (and impending sales deadline). But leveraging these games can be about so much more than hitting your quarterly numbers.

Motivational sales games are excellent tools for team building, both in-person and virtual. With many salespeople working from home these days, it’s more important than ever to build a sense of belonging and camaraderie. Sales games are also an excellent strategy to incorporate new team members into the fold, especially when the games are team-based. Here are seven motivational sales games guaranteed to boost your team’s morale and your company’s bottom line!

1. Daily competition prizes

Build excitement in the office by offering small prizes for daily competitions. Decide on what metric you want to use whether it’s the number of calls made, meetings set, deals closed, or something else. Doing a daily prize every once in a while is a great way to even the playing field among new insurance salespeople and seasoned veterans since all numbers reset at the end of the day.

2. Weekly team numbers

If you’re looking for motivational sales games to use for team-building, divide your salespeople into pairs. Try pairing folks who don’t usually work together and mix up the energy in the office. This is also a great way to get new insurance agents mingling with everyone. Create a weekly contest based on sales numbers and the team that has the highest number wins the prize!

3. The most “No” responses

Insurance agents hear a lot of “Nos” throughout the day. Being part of the broader sales industry means working hard to turn a “No” into a “Yes.” But some days will be harder than others and you’ll wind up with more Nos than you’d like. Help your team find the levity in these tough days by offering a prize for the most “No” responses on a given day or week. The prize doesn’t have to be big, and it definitely shouldn’t be punitive or embarrassing. But a small gesture like a hot fudge sundae, or the first round of drinks will go a long way in keeping your insurance agent engaged. Especially if they just had a hard day.

4. Zoom bingo

When some or all of your sales team is remote, it can be tough to get them out of their silos and feel connected. Though it’s not one of the most sales-focused motivational sales games, it definitely improves morale. For this game, create bingo cards with squares that have typical zoom background objects or other zoom features. Examples include: a cat, a dog, a partner, someone forgets to unmute themselves, someone waves to the camera, etc. These are best used on internal calls since it would be a little unprofessional to shout out “Bingo!” in the middle of a sale’s call.

5. Spot prizes

A great way to keep your agents on their toes is to put together motivational sales games that award spot prizes. Announce to your team that for the next hour their metrics will be tallied (call volume, meetings set, deals closed, etc.). At the end of the hour, the agent with the highest score wins. This is a great game to play on a Friday afternoon or during an after-lunch slump. It’s a great boost when energy is slowing down around the office.

6. Raffle

As far as motivational sales games go, nothing beats a good ol’ fashioned raffle. And they’re relatively easy to put together. The key is to get have a good prize or prizes. (Think: an iPad, comp days, or a coveted parking spot). Then, create a structure that gives out raffle tickets based on sales metrics. (i.e. one ticket per dozen calls made, one ticket for every follow-up meeting scheduled, and 10 tickets for every sale made). Run your raffle for a week, a month, or even a quarter before the grand prize drawing.

7. Sales team triathlon

Mix different motivational sales games together and create mega-motivation by having a sales team triathlon. Come up with a simple point system for each category of your triathlon, like calls, meetings set, and finalized sales. Tally up points within a given time frame and award your winning agent! Bonus points if you give out a gold, silver, and bronze medal and have a podium ceremony.

Motivational sales games are a great tool to keep your insurance agents engaged. Another great tool is taking advantage of HBW Leads insurance and technology experts. Find out how they can bring you double-verified and exclusive leads.