Review your insurance sales pipeline structure and tools to avoid lead generation pitfalls.

Without strong lead generation strategies, your insurance sales pipeline can collapse. But no matter how iron-clad you think your strategies are, there are lead generation pitfalls that can slow and even halt your insurance sales pipeline. Whether you generate your own sales leads with cold-calling or take advantage of companies whose focus is bringing leads to you and your agency, you still need to be on the lookout for lead generation pitfalls. Here are some common pitfalls that can get in the way of your lead generation process.

1. Website: Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

Did you know that over half of all websites are accessed via a mobile phone or tablet? You may or may not know the ins and outs of web design. The easiest way to tell if your website is mobile-friendly is to check it out from your phone. Try it out using a tablet as well since various devices can display websites differently.  As technology advances and new devices are created, it’s always a good idea to check this regularly.

2. Forms: Are Your Forms Working?

One of the lead generation pitfalls you may run into is when a prospect tries to connect with you or your agency using an online form. Do you have an online web form that prospective customers can use to reach out to you and your agency? If so, an easy way to test to make sure everything is functioning is to fill out the form as a test. Make sure it generates an email and that it goes to the correct inbox and that it is functioning properly. If something seems broken check with your web designer. If you are using a self-service website design like WordPress or Wix, check your admin dashboard. The problem could be a simple need for a software or plugin update.

3. Phone: Does your Phone Number have the Correct Outgoing Messages and Prompts?

If you have a separate office phone and mobile phone, take a moment and call yourself (from another line) to make sure your outgoing messages are up to date. This is also a chance to test out any forwarding features or menu option features. Do all voicemails go to the same inbox? Are there ways to streamline your voicemails so they get emailed to you in one place?

4. Links: Do the Links in Your Email Signature/Website Work?

This is one of those lead generation pitfalls that drive leads and prospects away from your agency and into the arms of your competitor. If you have any hyperlinks in your email signature, website, or even social media, make sure they are functioning. It seems like such an obvious recommendation, to make sure your hyperlinks are active and accurate. But you’d be surprised how often hyperlinks break or point traffic to incorrect web pages over time. Make it a point to click on your links and test them out periodically.

5. Email: Are Your Email Spam Filters Up to Date?

Could you be missing important messages from leads and prospects? Check your spam filter settings on your email. Make a point to check your junk or spam folder once a week to make sure messages from clients and leads aren’t getting stuck in email limbo.

The key to avoiding these lead generation pitfalls is to stay vigilant. This is not a one-fix-and-you’re-done solution. Each of these challenges requires periodic maintenance and check-ups. It’s a good practice to review your sales pipeline infrastructure once a month, or at least quarterly. If you are lucky to have administrative help or even a student intern, this can be part of a routine lead generation maintenance task. Even if you are a one-man band, create a monthly calendar appointment to remind you to go through these infrastructure reviews.

Building a review and maintenance practice will help you avoid lead generation pitfalls. If you’re looking for ways to add more leads to your insurance sale pipeline, contact HBW Leads. HBW Leads will secure double-verified leads exclusively for you and your agency.