While moving insurance sales online might seem like a positive development, it might not be the best way to conduct business.

More businesses than ever are conducting their insurance sales online. In a world that’s changed dramatically, this makes sense–at least on the surface. The face-to-face meetings that used to fuel the insurance industry are still important, but they’re no longer the only way to get things done. 

Technology has made it possible to engage with clients anywhere in the world and at any time of day or night. Even with the advantages of these tech options, there’s still something missing. 

insurance sales online

The pros and cons of insurance sales online

Clients who don’t wish to have an in-person chat will usually request that you contact them via email for insurance sales online. For some people, it provides a convenient alternative. However, not everyone knows their way around a computer, and accessibility is a huge problem in some parts of the country.

As a result, many insurance sales companies tend to go back to using phones since they’re much easier to use and generally more reliable.

insurance sales online

The pros and cons of insurance sales in person

In-person sales used to be the easiest way to conduct business. There’s a lot to be said for shaking a hand and looking someone in the eye. 

But as social distancing and business closures expanded, meeting in person became more difficult. Some people want to meet in person no matter what. They feel more secure and informed when they can talk to someone face-to-face. However, that’s not always possible these days.

insurance sales online

The pros and cons of insurance sales over the phone

During the past few years, the phone has brought new life to insurance sales, and it continues to do so. Here are just a few reasons why people choose phones over insurance sales online:

Phones are easier to use.

Nothing against Skype, Zoom, FaceTime and other videoconferencing apps, but sometimes they take too much effort to use for a simple call. Not to mention uncomfortable, since not everyone will want to display their face or their homes in the background while you talk to them.

Phones are less time-consuming.

One of the reasons in-person sales insurance doesn’t work anymore is that it takes so much time out of a person’s day. Rather than going from location to location, with long breaks in between meetings, you can cut out the travel time and schedule meetings back to back. 

With phone sales, it’s only a quick phone call. This saves time and money over the long term since you can fit more sales calls into a given block of time than in-person meetings.

Phones are cost-efficient.

Phones provide a great way to promote your services and products and are also a much more affordable option for selling insurance. You’ll find that there are plenty of financial benefits to phone insurance sales, including:

Training is already provided

● Opens up sales opportunities

● No need to spend on equipment

● Fixed prices — no additional fees

These benefits are covered under the telemarketing company you choose to partner with. This means that you will only be paying for great services and nothing else.

Phones provide measurable results.

When you work with a telemarketing team, you can measure and analyze KPI targets and see a detailed view of your company’s success. It also allows you to report concerns and come up with an improvement strategy. You’ll also be able to see what works well and implement better techniques across the team.

You can get feedback.

Another great benefit to phone sales is that your marketing campaign can measure customer happiness and interest levels simply by using phones. Getting direct contact with your customer allows you to provide answers to their questions quickly. As long as you deliver great products and services, you can be sure to get a positive response. 

You can grow your business.

Too many salespeople overlook the power of a phone conversation, but they can give you and your business amazing results when used correctly. These days, there’s plenty of money to be made over the phone, simply because some insurance clients do not prefer in-person meetings or don’t have regular access to the internet. As such, working with a phone sales company can help you achieve things that not even insurance sales online can do.

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