Find out how insurance agents are using TikTok as part of their insurance selling strategies. 

Stop scrolling and start selling! Are you a fan of TikTok? Do you find yourself scrolling through videos only to come up for air two hours later? It happens to the best of us! It may be worth turning your latest app habit into insurance selling strategies. In fact, insurance agents are already doing it. To get a quick look, use the “Discover” feature and search for hashtags like #insuraneagentsoftiktok and #insuranceagent. After watching some videos you’ll see there are a few types of insurance videos posted on TikTok. Here are the five major categories of insurance TikTok videos and how you can leverage them as insurance selling strategies. 

Agent Networking Videos 

Many insurance agents post niche TikTok content that is geared toward other insurance agents. It may be an agent commiserating over a common work issue, or sharing their top productivity tips. These are great networking opportunities and a way to connect with agents and industry experts in different areas. Connections like these can lead to referrals and other professional development opportunities. 

POV Videos

Point of View TikTok videos are ones where an insurance agent pretends to be interacting with a client to demonstrate their work style and personality. It shows the potential customer the many ways an agent would work with them to get the best rates and coverage. These can sometimes be silly but the overall goal is to show a potential customer that the insurance agent knows what they’re talking about. Videos like these are great ways to introduce yourself as an agent and build a reputation as an expert in your field. Adding agent POV videos to your insurance selling strategies can build rapport with prospects before you even meet. 

Silly Videos

Don’t discount the power of a silly video! It may not jump to the top of the list of insurance selling strategies. But putting yourself out there on TikTok with humor and humility will differentiate you from thousands of other insurance agents. Being able to see the personal and human side of an insurance agent will fast-track the trust-building between client and agent. You could get all of the agents in your office to learn a TikTok dance trend. Or record yourself doing a “fashion haul” of business professional attire to wear to work. Adding a humorous (and human) element to your online presence will help build relationships with prospects, leads, and clients. 

Educational Videos 

A big part of many insurance selling strategies involves establishing yourself as an insurance expert. TikTok makes it easy to share your expertise and tips with potential customers. Use infographics, text, images, and videos to educate the viewer on topics like, “Biggest Mistakes First-time Homebuyers Make When Shopping for Home Insurance” and “Ways to Negotiate a Better Auto Insurance Rate.” Create a series of videos on various topics that will keep viewers coming back to learn more. The more people learn from your videos, the more they will see you as an industry leader, and the more likely they are to reach out to you as a potential customer.  

Recruiting Videos

Is your agency looking for new talent? Maybe there’s an incentive for you to find folks interested in joining your company. TikTok is a great way to build your agency and recruit more insurance salespeople. Recruitment videos educate viewers on what it’s like being an insurance agent and why it might be a good fit for them. It doesn’t have to be an active recruitment “our agency is hiring you should come work for us” type of TikTok. It can be a casual “Day in the Life of an Insurance Agent” where you show people what you do in a typical day. 

The main takeaway with using TikTok as part of your insurance selling strategies is that it’s another viable channel to get your face out there. And the great thing is you can repurpose your TikToks by posting them on your Facebook, Instagram, and your website. There are plenty of tutorials out there on how to make your first post and how to use the different TikTok editing features. Find one that works for you, and get posting!

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