Keep your agents engaged and your business booming with these insurance sales contest ideas.

Managing a team of insurance agents is rewarding, especially when you get to witness their growth and success over the course of several months. But sometimes it can be challenging to boost sales momentum and agent morale. So how do you keep your agents engaged and happy? Turn selling into a game! With these seven insurance sales contest ideas, you can help your agents drum up more leads and grow your insurance business.

Agents with good morale and a strong sense of team prove to be effective and productive insurance agents. Adding an element of playful competition keeps agents locked into their monthly and quarterly goals and adds a little fun to the office setting. Especially if some or all of your team is remote, adding these insurance sales contest ideas into your rotation can help connect team members and build a sense of togetherness. Try these ideas out for your next big team goal.

1. Beat Your Previous Sales Number

One of the easiest insurance sales contest ideas is to have your team compete against themselves and try to beat their previous month’s sales record. This is a great contest for junior and senior agents alike since it doesn’t involve a direct competition. Prizes can be monetary or office perks like a day off or a better parking spot. If you make this an ongoing contest, you can set quarterly or annual grand prizes, too.

2. Meetings-a-Go-Go

Build an insurance sales contest around meeting appointments. For each meeting or phone appointment set, your agents get a point. Set a designated timeframe like a week or three days. The shorter the duration the more intense the competition will get. This is a great way to boost your agent’s sales activity and is a great way to get your team out of a slump. You can add layers to this by giving different points for different meeting categories. (first meeting, follow-up call, renewal check-in, etc.) Track progress publicly using colorful post-its or shared google doc with color-coding.

3. Referral-a-thon

Like the “Meetings-a-go-go” a Referral-a-thon is one of the insurance sales contest ideas you can use over and over again. Simply set a specific timeframe and challenge your agents to solicit as many referrals from their existing clients as possible. Each referral equals a point. The agent with the most points at the end of the timeframe gets to collect their prize.

4. Tag Team

Do you have a lot of new team members and want to get them acquainted with your senior agents? Have a bunch of lone wolves in your office and want to build more comradery? Try a tag team contest where you pair your agents together into teams competing against each other. This is a great way to connect a junior agent with a senior agent for some job-shadowing as well.

5. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Prizes

You probably already have monthly and quarterly goals with your sales team, so why not game-ify them? Turn your goals into daily, weekly, and monthly contests. Keep them fresh by switching out the prizes each month. Offer a gift card to a fancy restaurant one month and new wireless headphones the next. Gift cards are a great standby but get creative with your incentives based on your agents’ passion. If you know some of your agents are sports fans, get tickets to a local game. If you have agents with school-aged children, offer up some family-friendly prizes like passes to a water park or zoo.

6. Leaderboard

Create a leaderboard in your office. If some of your team works remotely, find a way to create a digital leaderboard or dashboard on a commonly accessed web page. People love to see their names on the leaderboard and it’s a great incentive for some friendly competition. Use your leaderboard for any of your individual contests, but also keep track of all-time records for things like the highest-grossing sale or total closed deals.

7. Customer First

When thinking about insurance sales contest ideas, you might not immediately focus on customer experience. But if you’re looking for ways to improve your customer experience ratings, consider a “Customer First” contest. Measure each agent’s customer review ratings. The agent with the best customer reviews in a designated timeframe wins.

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