Learn seven insurance company website tips to make your agency stand out above the rest.

A good business website can be the determining factor over whether your agency gets a new lead or not. You don’t have to be a web designer to improve your site, either. Simple content adjustments and added features can bolster your agency’s website making it easier for new leads to learn about you and get in touch. With these seven insurance company website tips, you’ll be able to improve your site’s content and increase opportunities for earning new business.

1. Include photos of you and your team

If your site has an “About Us” section be sure to include photos of you and your team. And if your site doesn’t have an “About Us” section, add it! Out of all the insurance company website tips, this one is easiest to implement. New customers will value being able to put a name to a face, especially if their first contact will be virtual or over the phone. Consider adding a profile for each team member and include their industry expertise and details showcasing their personality. This is also a great spot to feature new team members.

2. Easy to find contact information

Make sure your contact information is easy to find and available in multiple areas of your website. As far as insurance company website tips, this one is a no-brainer. Your customer or future customer should be able to find your phone number, email, and/or address in less than 15 seconds. A common placement for this information is at the footer of your website’s home page in addition to any sub-pages you may have.

3. Keep navigation simple

When the internet first started, many businesses had intricate web designs featuring several subpages. It would often take a visitor several clicks before getting to the section of website with the necessary information. Today’s websites look a little cleaner and simpler, often times existing on a single webpage. One of the best insurance company website tips out there is to keep it simple. About half of all web traffic takes place using mobile devices, these days. Having a clean, one-page website allows for mobile users to easily scroll to find the information they need. If you really need to include more detailed information, consider uploading a PDF and simply link the PDF to your main page.

4. “Schedule a meeting” feature

More and more new customers are finding insurance companies through search engines and company websites. Make scheduling a meeting easy by reducing the number of hoops a customer needs to jump through. Using software like Calendly or other calendar management software, new customers can schedule specific time on your calendar without the back and forth of emails and phone tags. Empower your customers and leads by letting them pick a meeting time that works best for their schedule.

5. Use video content

With more transactions and conversations taking place in virtual meeting rooms and over the phone, many insurance companies are looking for ways to add more personal connections. Adding video content is one of the more involved insurance company website tips, since it requires additional content creation. The good news is that time spent on video content creation is well worth it since you can repurpose video content in emails, newsletters, and social media as well. Use short video clips to introduce your team members. Create a FAQ series that answers basic insurance buying questions and offers insider information to your new customers. You don’t need fancy equipment to record your videos, either. Most cell phone cameras have a decent quality that works well for web viewing.

6. Link to social media

Include links to your agency’s social media profile pages and any other web presence. One goal with these insurance company website tips is to hold the attention of your website visitor. New customers may wish to check out your recent social media posts to get a sense of your agency’s timely communication and style. Consider using newer social media platforms like TikTok to reach younger demographics of first-time insurance buyers. Your website should be a hub where visitors can find all of the places your agency “lives” online.

insurance referral program ideas7.Take advantage of testimonials

Testimonials work. They’re the next best thing to word of mouth advertising. Include a section on your website dedicated to current and past customer testimonials. Always be sure to get permission from your customer before using their words on your website. And don’t be afraid to solicit testimonials directly. The best time to solicit testimonials is right after a positive experience. Once you have testimonials posted on your website, be sure to keep them fresh by adding new ones periodically. Include the year in the testimonial caption so visitors know how recent the feedback is from.

Notice how none of these insurance company website tips are about coding in HTML. Simple content adjustments can improve your ability to introduce your company to new customers. Want to spend more time optimizing your web content? Let HBW Leads tackle your lead generation so you can work on revamping your website and building customer connections. HBW Leads will bring you double-verified insurance leads exclusively for your business, giving you time to focus on relationship building and lead nurturing.