Discover the importance of self-care working from home and learn how to practice it as you perform your duties online.

The pandemic gave rise to a flexible work arrangement, making self-care working from home an essential part of an agent’s everyday life. Recognizing your wellness needs can be the difference between maximizing productivity and experiencing sales burnout

Even in a remote setting, maintaining healthy boundaries is a must. But, as many have learned over the past couple of years, working from home is not a walk in the park. 

self care working from home

Discover ways to protect your physical, emotional, and mental health as you tackle your virtual tasks and practice self-care working from home

1. Develop a routine

In a remote setting, try to observe consistent sleep and work patterns as if you’re in the office. For instance, you can set specific times for taking a shower, eating breakfast, and even your supposed commute hours. You can use this time to reflect on your day ahead. 

More importantly, after your shift, stop working immediately. After all, when you’re in the office, you end your workday the moment you leave your station. Turn off your computer, spend time with your family, and protect yourself from fatigue. 

2. Set boundaries

The first rule to self-care working from home is to set physical and time boundaries.

To set physical bounds, create a designated workspace at home. It may seem like a good idea to perform your duties in areas you’re comfortable in, like your bed. However, doing so can make you less productive and disrupt your sleep because your bed should be a place of relaxation. Working and sleeping in the same area will make it difficult for you to switch between work mode and bedtime. 

Time restrictions are just as important. Having easy access to your phone shouldn’t mean working 24/7. When you’re off the clock, it’s okay to disconnect from all things work-related. 

3. Eat well

Nutrition impacts all aspects of your work, from self-esteem to cognitive functions to energy levels. It may seem tempting to grab a bag of chips and some soda anytime you get hungry, but such a habit will negatively impact your productivity and health. 

Instead, make time to plan your meals. Filling up on fruits and vegetables will keep you fuller longer and help you focus. 

4. Take breaks

Taking breaks can help you manage stress levels, boost your creativity, and refocus your brain. 

Whenever possible, remove yourself from your work screen and concentrate on something else that will recharge your body. For example, you can watch video clips, listen to music, or read good insurance books. Five to ten minutes should be enough to improve your mood. 

If you have enough time, go outdoors. Take a short walk, meditate, or grab some coffee. Enjoying nature can do wonders for your health. 

5. Stay connected with your team

Working from home has several advantages, but it can also make you feel alone. Social isolation can lead to depression, anxiety, and poor sleep quality. 

If you and your teammates can’t work together physically, initiate video calls and phone calls instead of communicating via email or SMS. Your colleagues likely feel the same distress as you do, and it’s best to support one another during challenging times. 

Be creative in your virtual socializations by scheduling quiz nights, virtual escape rooms, and online workouts. Better yet, schedule these activities during the workday when everyone needs a break and a refresh.

6. Get enough sleep

Research suggests an average sleep duration of seven to nine hours for adults. Doing so enables your mind and body to recover from a full day of work and leaves you alert when you rise. Without enough sleep, your brain can’t function at full capacity, and your body can’t fight off diseases.

If you experience difficulty sleeping, spend some time outdoors, stay away from caffeine at night, and avoid working out right before bedtime.

7. Enhance your self-care practices

One of the habits successful salespeople observe is to be resourceful. Like the COVID-19 pandemic, life will always throw unexpected situations at you where you have to work remotely. When this happens, it’s essential to think outside the box and develop custom self-care working from home practices. 

Now that working from home is part of the new normal, make time for the things that matter most to you. Focus on your health, social life, and overall well-being. 

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