Learn how to build trust with customers online through authenticity, personality, and transparency. 

It’s no secret that it’s essential for insurance agents to build strong relationships with their customers. Strong relationships lead to long-term customers as well as more referrals. A key to building these relationships is establishing trust. A major challenge that insurance agents have had to deal with in recent years is how to build trust with customers online. Since much more of the insurance sales process has moved online, agents now need to find ways to connect with their customers, build rapport, and create an authentic web presence. Here are some strategies and methods to help you build trust with customers online.  

Introduce yourself.

Because we can’t always meet face to face with our customers and leads, creating opportunities for your customers to get to know you is important. When thinking about how to build trust with customers online, your first stop should be your website. Create or revamp the “About Us” section on your website. Add photos of you and your team to your website and social media. Include information that distinguishes you from a sea of agent names.

What is a memorable fact about you? Do you have a pet? Have you met a celebrity? Throw in a short anecdote or fun fact so customers will remember that you’ve got a Goldendoodle with boundary issues. It may even be an ice-breaking opportunity that allows a lead or customer to connect with you about a common experience. Do you know how to SCUBA dive? Was your favorite vacation a trip to Playa Del Carmen? These snippets of information make you stand out and give your customers something to respond to.

Be transparent.

When figuring out how to build trust with customers online, transparency is the name of the game. It shouldn’t take five clicks for a customer to find your contact information or insurance quote request form. Share with your customers what exactly the insurance buying process will look like for them so they can be prepared for each step. Be specific about what information they will need to prepare for you and your team, and what they can expect in return.

Make sure your website is updated and accurate.

This probably seems like a no-brainer but customers won’t trust you if your website (or email signature, or social media presence) has inaccurate information. If your information is outdated (showing old staff members who no longer work with you or broken hyperlinks) your customer will lose confidence in your ability to handle their important transactions. Build a process into your regular schedule where you audit your website at least once a quarter to make sure information is correct.

Create video content.

What’s the next best thing to a face-to-face meeting? Video content. Video content goes well beyond video conferencing. You and your team can create short video clips introducing yourselves to new customers. Another idea is to create a “behind the scenes” series showing customers what goes on when they file a claim. Adding a silly video here or there helps to show customers that you and your team are just regular folks who like to have fun too. Take advantage of social media platforms to post this content. Whenever possible, be sure to link your contact and website information in the captions. Another great use for video content is to brag about any individual or agency-wide accomplishments. If you’ve won any awards, or if you just had a particularly successful deal go through, make a short video about it.

Share professional accreditation and awards.

Do you or your agency belong to a professional business network? Or maybe you have a certain certification or continuing education credit. This is great information to share when figuring out how to build trust with customers online. List your memberships to professional organizations, networking groups, and any additional education or training you’ve received. Demonstrate your expertise in the insurance industry by including your professional experience. This doesn’t have to be a formal resume, but it should include highlights that show you are a trusted expert in the field.

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