If you want to be the top sales performer in your insurance company, you need to start by adopting the habits of top performers.

What does the top sales performer in your company do that makes them so successful? The top salespeople in the insurance industry have a set of critical strategies and practices. It can be helpful to look at those and find common themes across industries.

There’s more to it than just knowledge, though. Actions are vital to progress. With that in mind, we’ll also provide some tips on how you can improve your own sales performance.

top sales performer

Learn how you can be a top sales performer with a few small changes to your practice

1. Set Goals

Successful top sales performers are goal-oriented individuals who set clear, measurable objectives for themselves that they strive to achieve daily. Goal setting can be a daunting task for a new salesperson. One way to establish goals is to talk with your sales manager or the other senior salespeople on your team. They will be able to tell you what your daily, weekly, and quarterly goals should be.

If you want to take this to the next level, try setting up a spreadsheet where you track the number of calls you made, the number of quotes you sent out, and the number of deals closed. Once you have a few weeks of data, you can beat your previous week’s numbers. This leads to our next point.

2. The Weekly Review is Critical

To become a top sales performer, you need to set time aside for a weekly review. This is when you’ll review your work from the previous week. Identify any tasks you missed and, most importantly, check the work ahead of you in the coming week. Insurance agents that have integrated a weekly review have seen dramatic improvements in their overall sales and boosted confidence in their daily productivity. Friday and Sunday afternoons are some of the most common times people schedule their weekly reviews. Find a time that works for you, add it to your calendar, and do the review every week.

3. Know Your Product

Top salespeople understand their products inside and out so that they can answer any questions their customers may have. In addition, top salespeople can make persuasive arguments as to why their product is the best choice.

Do you know your stuff? Ask another team member or sales manager to quiz you. First, you must understand the value of your company’s different insurance products. This knowledge can help you navigate sales conversations and open up new potential sales when you offer advice on additional policies.

4. Start Your Referral Engines

We’ve said it before, and we’ll repeat it, creating long-term relationships that turn into referral engines is one of the core ways to become a top sales performer. It can take time, but the payoffs are exponential. Build trust, build rapport, and treat people well.

5. A Positive Mental Attitude

Have you ever met a top-performing salesperson who was low energy and depressed? Not likely. Having a positive attitude no matter what the current situation is a superpower for top salespeople. They take ownership of their mistakes and use any negative experience as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Need help getting into a positive state of mind? Try meditation. There are tons of free meditation sessions on YouTube that can help you get in the zone fast. In need of a more significant boost? Try exercise. Cardiovascular exercise has been shown to release dopamine, putting you in a great mood.

6. Keep Your Skills Sharp and Continue Your Sales Education

If you want to take your performance to the next level, consider investing in yourself by attending sales training courses and seminars or reading books about top sales strategies. This will help you hone your skills and set you apart from other insurance salespeople in the market. You can be a top sales performer in the insurance industry with hard work and dedication.

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