Learn the Five Qualities that Make up a Successful Insurance Agent

Whether you’re six months in as a new auto insurance salesperson or 16 years in, reflecting periodically on your professional goals is a great practice to be successful selling auto insurance. Setting long term, mid-range, and short term goals can help you identify opportunities for growth, and keep you on track as you build your career.

Measuring success as an auto insurance sales person is not a one-size-fits-all process. However, most successes do have the same end result in common: more money! The path for how to be successful selling auto insurance includes multiple strategies, hard work, and a commitment to stick with it. Here are five qualities that make up a successful insurance agent.

how to be a successful insurance agent


To be successful selling auto insurance, you have to be able to measure that success with specific metrics. Goal-setting each month and sales quarter is key to monitoring your own successes and challenges. Tracking your sales activity at every stage of the process is key so you know where in the sales cycle your systems are working, and where you may need to improve your numbers. For instance, your closing rates may be great, but if you don’t have a steady flow of leads that convert into quotes, you won’t hit your sales numbers. Find the right tools and softwares to help you track this information.

Willing to Diversify

We all get stuck in routines that work for us, but to be successful selling auto insurance, you’ll need to switch it up and add multiple layers and channels of leads. You may be more comfortable on the phone, connecting with prospects via cold-calling, but there are only so many hours in the day. If you add direct mailing, social media and other internet strategies while at the same time continuing with phone calls, your auto insurance leads can double and even triple. You may even consider outsourcing some of these strategies so you can spend more time on converting leads to sales.

Committed to the Follow-Up

The most successful auto insurance salespeople are the ones who consistently follow up on their leads. It may take several follow up calls, emails, and even text messages to close a deal, and you have to be committed to that journey. Being successful selling auto insurance, means being willing to play the long game. There are different resources and methods for courting aged leads, cold calling leads, and leads that come from referral partners. Regardless of the method, it’s important to just keep going!

how to be a successful insurance agent

Curious about New Technologies

Learning new software can be a challenge, but when it comes to being successful selling auto insurance, technology can be your best friend! There are new softwares and tech solutions rolling out every day and many of them can be used to streamline the selling of auto insurance. From simple customer relationship management software to automated dialing software, it’s important to stay up to date on what resources may help improve your processes. Look to the experts in the auto insurance field and find out what tools they are implementing into their systems.

Successful Insurance Agent

Dedicated to Continued Education and Training

There’s always new ideas and techniques to learn. Weekend conferences, networking events, and online courses are all great places to seek new information and brush up on industry best practices. Besides books and coursework, resources like online video tutorials, audiobooks and podcasts provide countless opportunities to learn and grow your skill set. It’s also a great place to connect with other auto insurance professionals and build your referral network. The key is to never stop learning and seek guidance from professionals who have a proven track record of success.

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