Salem, OR – Today, HBW Leads announced that their insurance leads integrate directly with Farmers APEX. HBW Leads provides 100% exclusive and qualified home & auto insurance leads to agents nationwide. Farmers APEX is a software solution that provides agents access to tools, resources, and Farmers’ systems.

As a partner of many years with Farmers Insurance, HBW Leads has been helping agents grow their agencies one lead at a time. From auto to home coverage, agents receive warm leads from eager consumers ready to receive a quote. That’s why when the announcement came that Farmers APEX was going to be released, integrating HBW Leads was necessary to make the agent experience as easy and efficient as possible.


“We’ve proudly provided Farmers agents from coast to coast with leads that have grown their books of business, and in turn, Farmers has provided Americans with outstanding coverage. The new integration provides a streamlined approach to receiving their exclusive leads.”

Nick Bondaug- Winn

Oversight Manager, HBW Leads


Farmers Insurance is partnered with several lead providers, but HBW Leads are different. HBW leads are warm leads generated by lead specialists calling on behalf of the agency. Unlike lead providers such as internet leads, HBW leads are 100% exclusive which means they’re never shared. Internet leads, although usually cost-effective, can be shared with up to as many as five agents making them highly competitive. With HBW Leads, there is no competition, but having all leads in a centralized location is critical to boosting efficiency and helping with call preparation.

When a new lead is delivered to Farmers APEX, agents will automatically have access to lead information that can help prepare for the call and begin the quoting process. Auto leads include information such as current insurance provider, current premium, liability limits, deductible, gender, date of birth, car make/model, and much more. Home leads include current home insurance provider, market value, renewal period, time with current provider, year built, etc. With this information in one location, users no longer have to flip between secondary systems like their email to view the data. It’s Inefficient processes like that reduce revenue.

In fact, according to Forbes, organizations lose 20-30% of revenue every year because of inefficient processes. They site poor system integrations as a reason for revenue loss. By streamlining the handoff process, agents can increase their productivity and revenue. Plus, through the power of automation, manual data entry is eliminated so they can focus on the sale.

Founded in 2005, HBW Leads is an exclusive auto and home insurance lead provider. HBW Leads also holds national partnerships with several major insurance companies. They’re based in Salem, Oregon, and recently celebrated their 15th anniversary in 2020.


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