Are you asking yourself the insurance sales questions you need to grow your skills and your business?

If you work in insurance sales, you already know how important it is to spend your days asking other people questions. Did you know there are also insurance sales questions to ask yourself? Evaluating your own work, decisions, and processes can be the difference between success and, well, maybe not the career you were hoping for. 

Yes, asking your client the right questions is very important. But that will only get you so far if you don’t know where your own strengths and weaknesses lie. Insurance isn’t a sport where you get to focus on the one thing you do well, like an Olympic pole vaulter or professional baseball pitcher. It’s more like driving, where you have to pay attention to your speed, other drivers, potential obstacles, and your fuel gauge, continually adjusting so you reach your destination. And if your weakness is, say, keeping an eye on your gas, you need to either improve that issue or chance getting stuck at that fast food place just off exit 24. 

So what insurance sales questions do you need to ask yourself? What insight do you need to improve your service for your own success, and also for a better experience for your customers?

insurance sales questions

The six auto insurance sales questions you need to ask yourself right now

These auto insurance sales questions will help you pinpoint any weak areas so you can work on improving them and becoming the best sales agent you can be.

1. What are my goals and objectives?

Knowing your goals and objectives is essential. Successful insurance salespeople set objectives for themselves and remind themselves of what they need to do to attain them every day. To make goals and objectives more achievable, break them down into daily actions and smaller milestones. However, don’t limit yourself to thinking about your monthly or quarterly sales target. Instead, consider the larger picture and focus on how you will achieve it in a slow yet steady process.

2. What are my weaknesses?

Understanding your weaknesses is essential in the insurance sales industry. It helps a salesperson lean into their talents while finding growth opportunities. A good coach or sales manager can help, but successful salespeople don’t wait around for someone else to point these things out. 

At every stage, ask yourself the tough insurance sales questions to find out where you can improve. Is it prospecting? In closing? Is there an aspect of customer service that’s missing? This isn’t always a fun exercise, but self-awareness is the key to improving your qualities.

3. What are my strengths?

Once you identify your weaknesses in all areas, use your strengths to counteract them. What do I specialize in? Am I good at establishing rapport? What portion of client management am I good at? If there are weaknesses, there should be strengths. Listen back to your calls to see what went well. Research best practices and ask your manager for feedback to find out where you’re ahead of the curve.

This does not imply that your strengths must compensate for your weaknesses. Instead, it’s about addressing your weaknesses while making the most of your strengths. You’ll know what to improve and eliminate in your approach if you’re aware of your limitations and strengths, which will help you become a better insurance salesperson.

4. Do I have confidence in myself?

To achieve your objectives, have faith in your work ethic and ability. It’s difficult to maintain confidence in the face of rejection, but you’ll only have the strength to become the best if you believe you can achieve your goals. 

Ask every day if you believe in yourself. Before you pick up the phone, take a quick mental scan to check your confidence. Am I comfortable calling a client to discuss insurance? Am I satisfied in my ability to complete the sales process? Am I simply calling the client because it is my responsibility to do so even though I don’t know if I can close a sale? If you can’t answer these in a way that points toward success, figure out how to build your confidence. Start with small things like reminding yourself that picking up the phone to make a call is a win. Qualifying your leads is a win. Some days, simply saying hello to someone on the street can be enough to add a little gold star to our confidence chart. 

5. What can I do that no one else is doing?

It is commonly assumed that a sales process is a single process that goes step-by-step from finding prospects to closing the deal. Just follow the checklist and you’ll be fine. However, there’s an art to selling insurance.

Once you’ve learned the fundamentals, it’s time to look outside the box and figure out what your competitors aren’t doing. What can you do that no one else does throughout the sales process? That could be anything from better prices to more options to outstanding customer service and nearly anything else. Always strive to be unique, whether in creating rapport, prospecting, or any other area.

6. How can I help someone today?

Every day, this is one of the most crucial insurance sales questions to ask yourself. Your job isn’t to persuade someone to buy auto insurance; it’s to assist them in making that decision. When you adopt that mindset, you can focus on providing excellent customer service to clients. You’ll know how to communicate the real value of insurance effectively.

Always keep in mind that one of the most critical factors in closing a sale is self-awareness and recognizing where you are right now. It is always possible to improve by being self-aware.

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