Curious about front-end and back-end sales? Implement these five strategies to keep new and existing customers satisfied.

Don’t be alarmed if you’re hearing about “front-end and back-end sales” for the first time. It’s just one way of describing insurance sales that take place with new customers (front-end) and sales with existing customers (back-end). Having a pipeline of new and existing customers ensures you’ll have a steady flow of business in the long term. Focusing on both front-end and back-end sales is key to a healthy pipeline.

Just like a stock portfolio, it is important to diversify who you target for your insurance sales. Spending all your time on front-end sales can be very time-consuming. You may also end up leaving money on the table by not taking advantage of existing customer relationships. Likewise focusing solely on back-end sales will eventually leave you in a sales slump once you have exhausted all of your current clients. Here are five front-end and back-end sales tips for insurance agents to maximize their pipeline.

1. Use HBW Leads for Lead Generation

Take advantage of industry experts like HBW Leads who will bring you exclusive and double-verified front-end sales leads. Their insurance and technology experts fill your pipeline and grow your book. What’s even better is that you’ll do it without the hassle of competing with other agents for the leads. You’ll spend less time prospecting and more time building relationships with clients. Leave the cold-calling to HBW Leads and focus more on writing policies and closing deals.

2. Take Advantage of Social Media

A great way to bolster your front-end and back-end sales is to build a reputation as an industry expert using social media. With image and video-based platforms like Instagram and TikTok, build out a series of short video clips explaining your role as an insurance agent. Demystify insurance buying and answer frequently asked questions. Have fun by showing your personality and authenticity. Invite viewers “behind the scenes” so they can understand how an insurance claim works. Always link your content back to your website and contact information. Viewers will be able to reach out to you if they have additional questions. And some of them might become new customers! Many of these clips can also be repurposed on your website and in email newsletters.

3. Use Current Customer Testimonials to Earn You New Customers

This is a great tip for incorporating front-end and back-end sales. Advertise the value you bring to new customers by using testimonials from existing customers. Make it a practice to send out customer satisfaction surveys after every sale. Include some open-ended questions that could provide good fodder for customer testimonials. Always make sure to get permission to use a customer’s words on any public platform. If you had a major success with a client where you saved them a lot of money or added great value to their policy, feel free to reach out and directly ask for a testimonial. And strike while the iron is hot (and the customer is happy).

4. Offer Extended Services and Discounts to Current Customers

Keep your back-end sales chugging along by keeping your current customers happy. Offer them extended services like annual policy audits and free quotes (with discounts) for additional policies or coverage. Offer loyalty incentives like discounts based on the number of years someone has been a customer. Institue a mid-year check-in where you review their current coverage needs and learn more information about potential future needs. As you learn more about your clients you’ll be able to suggest additional coverage or policies tailored to their specific needs.

5. Make Upsells Barrier-Free

Think about the last time you went online shopping. Are you more or less likely to shop from somewhere that already has your credit card information and shipping address saved? Make it easy for your customers to add additional coverage or policies. Spending a little time and money on software that makes add-ons easy to implement is worth it in the long run. For both front-end and back-end sales, having a streamlined sales process with an easy-to-use interface removes initial barriers and other obstacles that can slow down or halt your sale. Create a system that allows customers to add additional features, coverage, or policies without having to key in their information all over again. One-click add-ons for extra protection at modest price points will add up!

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