Want to make sure your emails get opened? Try using these follow up email subject lines!

Did you know that follow up email subject lines are almost as important as the follow up emails themselves? Think of a subject line like a movie trailer. If you don’t like the trailer, are you going to watch the movie? Probably not. When it comes to insurance sales, follow up email subject lines can be the deciding factor on whether or not your email is opened. It’s a delicate balance of wanting to pique your lead’s interest while at the same time remaining authentic and trustworthy. Before drafting your next follow up email, take a look at these five tips and examples to improve your email open rate.

1. Initial follow up – Great meeting you, (first name)!

After a first meeting or phone call, it’s great to use follow up email subject lines that express a personal touch. Try using a simple, Great meeting you, (first name)! It’s best to send this follow up email soon after the initial meeting or call since you will likely still be fresh in your lead’s mind. It’s a simple and courteous phrase that serves as a nice jumping-off point for future email communication.

2. Short and sweet – Next steps

For a follow up email that is equal parts “checking in” and “action items,” a short subject line works best. Use the two-word phrase, Next steps. By keeping it short, you’re building a sense of familiarity with the recipient. With a phrase like next steps, you’re also creating a sense of urgency that requires action. This will pique your lead’s curiosity and get them to open the email. This works great with leads who are goal-oriented and want to follow a checklist. It’s also a great choice for second or third follow up emails, to keep your lead on track and in your sales pipeline.

3. Ask for guidance – Can you help me with this?

People love lending a hand and giving advice. When you appeal to someone for guidance or assistance you have a greater chance of getting a reply. Use follow up email subject lines like Can you help me with this? or Can you point me in the right direction? By starting off with a question, you create an entry point for a larger conversation and building a relationship with your lead. You also build curiosity in your recipient driving them to want to open the email.

4. An excuse to touch base – I forgot to mention…

Maybe it’s been a little while since you’ve heard from a lead. One of the great follow up email subject lines to rekindle a conversation is I forgot to mention… By starting your subject line with this phrase, you build mystery and anticipation for your recipient. The only way they will find out what you forgot to mention is if they open your email. Just make sure you actually have some information to share, otherwise, you risk damaging your relationship with your lead. That being said, many insurance agents will purposely leave out some initial information to give them an excuse to check in with their lead a few days later. Like a date who intentionally forgets something at your house so they have to return.

5. Multi-channel approach – Just left you a voicemail

When you’re just starting to get to know a new lead, you might not know their preferred method of communication. For some folks, email is easier than a phone call during business hours. If you just left a voicemail for someone, follow up with an email letting them know. They might not be able to check their phone at the moment and email may be more convenient. It’s a great way to make sure your message is received and a subtle way of finding out your lead’s preference for communicating. This strategy also keeps your name and business at the top of your lead’s mind.

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