For the best chance of success, a solid insurance agent training program is essential for any insurance agency.

There are many moving parts to being a successful insurance agent. From finding the right leads to building relationships with clients, there’s a lot to keep track of. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to having a solid training program. Therefore, seven elements are essential for any insurance agent training program.

insurance agent training

Discover the 7 characteristics of a successful insurance agent training program

1. Mentorship

Mentorship is a great way to train insurance agents because it allows experienced and knowledgeable insurance professionals to share their wisdom with new insurance agents. It provides an invaluable opportunity for new insurance agents to learn from the best in the industry and gain practical experience through hands-on training. Mentorship also helps build trust between mentor and mentee, which can be beneficial when building business relationships in the insurance field. With mentorship, insurance agents can develop skills that will help them succeed while gaining a better understanding of how their chosen profession works.

2. Understanding Insurance Basics

No matter the insurance type, insurance agents need to have a strong understanding of insurance fundamentals. This should include topics such as types of insurance policies, how to read and interpret policy wording, and claim procedures. In addition, it’s helpful for your insurance agent training program to include information about your company culture, ethos, and vision during this time. 

3. Relationship Building Skills

The relationships an insurance agent builds with clients are crucial to success in the insurance industry. Building rapport is an essential skill for insurance agents to possess. It involves creating a solid connection with clients and developing trust so insurance policies can be accurately evaluated and purchased. Training insurance agents on how to build rapport requires teaching them the essential skills of active listening, understanding body language, building trust, and providing solutions to client problems. By learning these techniques, insurance agents will be better equipped to create meaningful relationships with their clients.

4. Sales Techniques

A successful insurance agent needs to be able to sell insurance policies effectively. Therefore, agents should participate in training focused on understanding customer needs and presenting insurance options that meet those needs. Teach trainees how you’d like them to sell. Have them join in mock phone sales calls. Roleplay different sales scenarios. This is where you can put them in difficult sale situations and have discussions afterward about how well they performed and alternative techniques they could have used.

Teaching them about different sales systems like SNAP, consultative, or solution-based selling is also helpful. Finally, feel free to give them homework or reading assignments.

5. Technology Proficiency

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in insurance agents’ day-to-day work. Your insurance agent training should include insurance software, customer relationship management systems, and how to use data to inform decisions. CRMs, databases, and phone systems can be complicated for some new agents. Take the time to show them how they should be using the software. If available, make a CRM training course available to new trainees. 

6. Regulatory Knowledge

In the insurance industry, it’s essential for insurance agents to have a thorough understanding of insurance regulations. Therefore, training should include insurance laws and regulations in the insurance agent’s jurisdiction and any industry-specific rules. In addition, there are a lot of state-specific laws that new insurance agents should be aware of and should be included in their training curriculum. 

7. Let Them Close Deals Early

One of our favorite elements of an insurance agent training program is to give new agents the ability to quote and close deals early in their training. There is nothing more satisfying than closing your first deal; we have the perfect way to incorporate that into your training program. At HBW Leads, we can supply you and your sales team with exclusive prequalified phone leads. Our leads are interested in hearing from you about your insurance options, and can be the perfect training tool to get your trainees accustomed to selling on the phone. Our leads are exclusive to you, so you and your team will never compete with another insurance agency. 

By focusing on these seven elements in an insurance agent training program, agents can gain the skills they need to be successful insurance professionals. With this knowledge, insurance agents will be well-equipped to meet client needs and create a profitable career path.

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